Apple Pay gains 30 more US banks amid wait for more retail chains



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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,407member
    NY1822 said:
    ....I'm done using PayPal 

    Curious: why?
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    juanm105juanm105 Posts: 49member
    from Verifone

    Apple Pay™ provides consumers a simple, secure way to use their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch for card payment transactions on Verifone payment devices, without collecting any of the transaction information and maintaining cardholder data security.

    And now, Verifone is the first to support loyalty applications via Apple Pay on our MX Series multimedia terminals. Adding loyalty to Apple Pay will open a world of opportunity for a wide range of retailers to further engage their consumers and grow their business.

    In Apple Pay, merchants gain access to an avid customer base making NFC mobile payment acceptance a reality. With the upcoming liability shift promoting migration to dual-interface EMV and NFC terminals, and with Apple’s installed base of millions of iPhones, the terminal upgrade decision is a lot more compelling.

    Everyone in the payment eco-system from consumer to merchant, issuing bank and acquirer, benefits from the convenience and security of Apple Pay. Speedy checkout plus an amazing shopping experience makes for happy and repeat customers.

    How do you know if you can support Apple Pay with your payment terminal today?

    Nearly every Verifone terminal and mobile payment device sold today can support contactless payments and Apple Pay out of the box. How your terminals have been setup, configured will impact your ability to support Apple Pay.

    MORE at link above

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    damonfdamonf Posts: 229member
    I hope that within 5 years, the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover) and their affiliate banks agree to set a deadline for removal of the magnetic stripe from credit cards completely.  Target already did so with their new chip-based RedCard in-store credit card, it has no magnetic stripe, only the chip (kudos to Target for also going "chip and pin" not the weaker "chip and signature").  Removing the magnetic stripe would force merchants to complete the transition to chip-based readers and also maybe incentivize them to support ApplePay (which is much faster than the chip reading process).  The approach of putting the financial risk burden on the merchant for continued swipe transactions doesn't appear to be incentivizing some merchants to change.
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    walter77 said:
    I've been using Apple pay at Dunkin' Donuts since May 1...
    Same here in Williamsport, PA. Don't know why Apple hasn't updated its website with this information 
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    joe28753joe28753 Posts: 82member
    I think Apple not only needs to get more merchants on board to accept the payments, but maybe somehow educate the ones who already have it and don't know, don't care, or don't understand it. The one place I'm thinking of is Subway. I've been to about 4 different locations in my area who have Apple Pay, but they keep the card reader on their side of the counter, hidden near the register under the POS terminal on their side. They are used to you handing them your card and they swipe it. It's not even an option to pull your phone out and quickly "ding" it. What am I going to do? Try to explain to the person why I need to reach under their terminal on the other side of the counter? The one time I pulled out my phone and tried to get the hint across that I needed the card reader for my phone, they pressed the QR Code button so Apple Pay didn't work. I guess Subway has some coupon program where you can scan the reader with your phone or something? I had to explain, "no not that. Just press your credit card button on the terminal." *Blank stares*
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    onlyhopeonlyhope Posts: 39member
    onlyhope said:
    I simply tell the merchants I shop at that, "'s important to ME that you offer  Pay payment as a check-out option." Your competition down the street does.
    Yeah, and some poor sap on minimum wage on the customer front lines of a mega-corp's retail outlet -- e.g., my local CVS -- has the power to send that up the chain to make a difference?

    All you're really doing is hassling some powerless person. 
    That would be true if I was an ignorent consumer. But, I've spent my life in business, I know that management is the place to make that call.  I only complain to Management - in this case the store owner.
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    rcfarcfa Posts: 1,124member
    Many vendors don't know that they support ApplePay. ApplePay works at probably 99% of all terminals that support NFC, whether they officially support ApplePay or not.
    e.g. when traveling in Europe I pay most places with ApplePay: Restaurants, grocery stores, hair salon, etc. and unless it's a business I regularly frequent, I'm the first person ever they see paying like that, sometimes arising suspicion, so I'm used to explain what ApplePay is, and that I have it because I have a US credit card, so it works even though ApplePay hasn't even been introduced in some of these countries. Simply look for the symbol that looks a bit like the Apple AirPort logo turned 90 degrees clockwise, and if it's on the terminal, most likely ApplePay will work.
    If you wait for vendors to know about, or even advertise ApplePay support, you'll wait until you have a very long white beard...
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