New details in 'iPhone' trademark case punctuate Apple's ongoing legal problems in China



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    stevehsteveh Posts: 480member
    2old4fun said:
    Tim, think about reducing Apple's overreliance on China and get those robots up and running.
    The robots are up and running - the manufacturing returns to the U.S. - but no new jobs are created.
    Right. After all, those robots run by themselves, do their own maintenance and upkeep...
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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,471member
    jbdragon said:
    apple ][ said:
    I agree.

    In the future, robots are going to solve many problems in general, not just for Apple.

    Maybe that can lead to more American manufacturing also. Unlike the workers, it's not like a Chinese robot can be paid less than an American robot. They'll both make the same income, zero. They are mechanical slaves for life.

    Do you remember all of the recent fast food worker strikes that have been taking place? Where these burger flipping geniuses believe that they are so highly skilled and so highly valued that some teenager still in school should be making a minimum of $15 an hour?

    Companies are already coming up with their own solutions to combat the embarrassing entitlement mentality displayed by certain groups of ignorant individuals who do not grasp basic economics.

    Wendy's to replace workers with machines due to rising minimum wage

     People are pricing themselves right out of the market!!! Self check out lanes in grocery stores and Home improvement stores, etc. Where you have 4 self check out lanes and 1 person watching over everyone. That's means only 1 in 4 people kept their jobs. Or 2 in 8 if there's 2 shifts. Kiosks at a fast food place is just the start. It's a quick and easy thing to start off with, which in the end will lead to robots making the food. It's already pretty standardize. Wouldn't be hard to go the next step. Then you can get rid of most everyone. Out of all the people that used to work there, you're now down to a couple people. Only there to clean the place, and restock the supplies for the machines. Go from a place that used to have 20-30 people working there, down to maybe 10 at most. They get their $15, and everyone else is unemployed. You're even starting to see this in China at Foxconn, as Labor prices go up, the Robot's are starting to come in. I expect within 10 years or less, new fast food places will be designed right from the start to use Kiosks and Robot's to do the cooking. It'll come first to the places that have $15+ wages. You do know, once the wages go up to $15, the costs of everything else creep up also so you're back where you started. In fact the people now really screwed are those making $16-$20 or so as they didn't get a raise and yet the costs of everything went up on them also, and so in effect will take a big negative hit. You have Unions that have a set base pay that's set so much above the Minimum wage, so when that goes up, so does it for the Union workers, increasing costs!!! If you want to make more money, get a Education and make yourself worth something of value to be paid more. Again, any monkey can flip a burger and push a button. I know, I used to do it!!!
    i make a certain percentage above minimum wage.  To be fair, I should should have my pay increased to that same percentage above $15/hour
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