Facebook intros Continuous Live Video API for non-stop streaming

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Facebook on Monday officially launched a Continuous Live Video API for broadcasters, giving them the option of endless streaming, as well as full coverage of longer events.

The API lets broadcasters take streams beyond Facebook's normal 90-minute limit, TechCrunch said. The only caveat is that such streams aren't saved for later replay, something that should save the company from having to invest in massive amounts of server storage.

The technology has already been available to some parties, such as Explore.org, which is using it to stream nature cameras.

Facebook is pushing heavily into live video in general, exploiting it as a way to keep both the public and business clients engaged with its services. While the company's Live API had just 12 partners when it launched in April, there are now over 100. Using the API allows broadcasters to employ effects, mixing, and multiple professional cameras.

When live video first became an option it was initially limited to single-camera streams from mobile devices. That's still the main province of Facebook rival Twitter, whose Periscope service can only stream from phones, GoPro cameras and select drones.


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    mobiusmobius Posts: 380member
    The Truman Show...
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    jason98jason98 Posts: 768member
    Finally Kim Kardashian self stream 24/7!
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    command_fcommand_f Posts: 423member
    I've been decorating today, you could all have watched my paint as it dried.
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    slprescottslprescott Posts: 765member
    Multiple Choice...

    This plan is:
       A. A colossal waste of time & resources
       B. A dream-come-true for telcos selling bandwidth
       C. A legitimization of 24x7 voyeurism
       D. All of the above
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    geekmeegeekmee Posts: 637member
    How exciting!!...for the war on poverty, disease and affluenza.
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    kkerstkkerst Posts: 330member
    Trying to compete with Periscope and Meercat. Whatever
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,213member
    I'm thinking of creating a series of 90 minute close-up videos of my office rug with the standard app. Something to look back on and enjoy in my later years, if FB survives that long. :D
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