Google staves off Oracle code copyright claim



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    gatorguy said:
    Don't you get it?
    Thats what "transformative" means!
    Giggle transformed millions of Java programmers into minions of Ann Droid.
    Programmers! Programmers! Programmers! Right?

    It is my fevered hope, but who can say in the crazy world we live in,
    that a certain judge who got taken to the woodshed,
    but did not learn his lesson,
    is about to find out what happens when he really pisses off his betters.
    The European Court of Justice would support Google wouldn't they, even tho it's obvious they're no friend of theirs. The EU's SCOTUS equivalent says API's do not meet the requirements for copyright protection. It's readily apparent that the broad agreement you think there is on API's and copyright just doesn't exist.  Even the developer community has not traditionally considered API's subject to copyright. nor do many of them now.
    Be sure to read the comments if you wish to see what a cross-section of programmers think. 

    TechCrunch published an article a few months ago that startups and developers might wish to read as a cautionary tale.
    Im not a fan of forum posts to conclude what a "cross section of people" think. But reading the comments make me just see how divided and difficult this is to grasp for most...
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