Try these iOS grilling apps for your Memorial Day BBQ

in iPhone edited May 2016
If you're a preparing a Memorial Day barbecue -- or just planning a cookout later this summer -- here are five iOS apps that can make the process a little easier, or give you some fresh ideas.


For many people, an app like GrillTime ($1.99, iPhone) may be the only one they need. Users specify the food type(s), thickness, and how well they want it done, and the app will go to town, generating times, temperatures, and instructions. It covers everything from steaks and burgers through to fruits and vegetables.

Once a cookout is in progress, the app uses multiple and/or custom timers to keep track of each food, with important options (like extending time) revealed by swiping right on an item. Push notifications are triggered whenever it's time to flip or stop cooking something, and there's even an Apple Watch app, which may be more convenient during backyard parties.


Sometimes of course you'll want a full-fledged recipe, and one option for that is Grill-It! ($0.99, iPhone). It's a straightforward experience -- you browse through categories or search for a particular item, and from there you follow the instructions.

There really aren't many frills here -- you can save favorites and check for new recipe additions, but that's about it. Sometimes, though, cutting to the chase can be a feature in its own right.

Weber Grills

Taking an all-in-one approach, Weber Grills (free, iPhone/iPad) bundles over 250 recipes, support for multiple timers, and cooking guides. The latter include not just food-specific instructions but broader tips, complete with videos. There's even a Grocery List feature that can automatically add the ingredients needed for one or multiple recipes.

The app is free, and includes an Apple Watch extension to boot, but some people might still find themselves gravitating toward something like GrillTime for its more streamlined design. In fact the whole reason the app is free is because it's meant to sell you on Weber products -- there's catalog for the company's grills and accessories, and even a company blog.

Grilling: A Bon App?tit Manual

Chefs aiming at fancier menus might consider Grilling: A Bon App?tit Manual (free, iPhone/iPad). The app provides 101 recipes, and not much more. It doesn't cost a penny, however, and it's very easy on the eyes, with a clean layout and ample use of photos.

Perhaps the best part of the app is that for each recipe, a quick tap brings up a page with extra tips and videos related to your meal. These could stand to be more specific sometimes, but having them in context is a wise idea.

Pit Pal

For the most serious barbecue types there's Pit Pal (free, iPhone/iPad). Although it's marketed as "all-inclusive," you're not going to find the same sort of recipes and timers you'll find in other apps, even if there are push notifications. Instead it's really about managing and logging cookouts, to the point that you can record events like saucing, foiling, or adding more fuel. The idea is that by recording what was done and when, you can gradually improve your technique.

For the truly hardcore there's a $1.99 in-app Pro upgrade that adds temperatures to the equation. This includes not just charting, but integration with Stoker and CyberQ Wi-Fi temperature controllers, letting you get real-time data and alerts.


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