Anticipating WWDC 2016: What's in store for Apple TV and tvOS



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    mcdavemcdave Posts: 1,927member
    Lots of suggestions to add the kind of cruft we want off the big screen.  I'd like tvOS2 to correct the disastrous fragmentation the app-centric approach creates; a 1st party content manager which does what Siri does. A shelf which aggregates my favourite shows and movies alerting me to new episodes when available and provides a trailer-to-release 'workflow'.
    Apple needs to get the basics right first.
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    latifbplatifbp Posts: 544member
    "being able to have a conversation or chat while viewing the same source material could virtually bring remote rural students right into a distant classroom.

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    latifbplatifbp Posts: 544member
    Here's what to look forward to at next month's developer event, focusing specifically on tvOS and Apple TV
    Typo: it's this months developer event, not next month.
    You couldn't figure it out for yourself and just let it be?
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,397member

    4.NAS support.   I feel guilty every time my child has to watch the same movie for the millionth time and i've got to burn bandwidth to stream it again.  That's not carbon friendly or sane. 
    What's wrong with the many DLNA players available?
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    laytechlaytech Posts: 334member
    Personally, I want to be able to pinch and zoom with Siri Remote, so can zoom into pictures on my TV.
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    timbittimbit Posts: 331member
    Would love for Apple to open up its iTunes Store as a monthly subscription, similar to Netflix. They have amazing content, but I'm not renting a movie for $5 when I can pay $8 per month for unlimited movies.  
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