Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo all add bloatware with high-risk vulnerabilities to Windows 10 noteboo



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    wOOOlfwOOOlf Posts: 2member
    This is the first and main reason, why everyone after buying device with Windows must reinstall it from original image with formatting all factory data.
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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    You care about security and privacy, Apple 's the only way to go. Easy.
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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    gumbi said:
    lkrupp said:
    Doesn’t matter. Windows Rulz! Apple Suckz! Ask any neckbeard. Windows and Android rule the world. Apple is a has-been toy maker. I read this on the Internet.

    Neckbeards are usually GNU/Linux supporters, not windows. 

    And for the most part, *nix, Android, and Windows do rule the world.

    The above article is why I always tell people NOT to buy their machines from the OEM or a big box outlet.  You can usually get the better models as Signature Edition machines directly from the MS store.  No crapware, no adware.  Just windows and the necessary drivers - and often a 1 year office 365 subscription for free :)
    How many customers buy the Signature Edition? 0,1% ? Windows itself basically is adware....
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