Apple announces it will offer App Store subscriptions to all apps, take smaller 15% cut



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    TurboPGT said:
    melgross said:
    Not too thrilled about the idea of subscriptions. I've got a lot of apps, I mean a LOT of apps. If even a small percentage goes subscription, then these apps will suddenly cost a lot more over time. That's not good.

    if an app that now costs $5 is a subscription at $5 a year, how many people will even want it? Most of the apps I've obtained are useful just a few times a year. That's enough for me to spend a few bucks for, not not nearly enough to subscribe to. I suspect that if a lot of developers take this route, then their sales will drop substantially.
    Did it occur to you that a better business model that makes more money is a better solution than treating Applications like dime-a-dozen trinkets?

    Have you noticed how pathetic the App Store has become? Have you noticed how, despite Apple's best efforts to create amazing new OS-level features every year, 3rd party developers can't be bothered to spend the time incorporating them in their Apps for absolutely 0 return?

    It is easy to blame lazy developers for this, but it is just as accurate to blame Apple for not creating better financial incentives for development work. Once you get past that initial $5 download...why should a developer ever care about that user again? There has been little-to-no potential for Apps to be a recurring revenue stream for most developers. The only ones making money are ones abusing In-App purchases for fake currency, and that's not right.

    You should be paying more than a 1-time $5 purchase, if that App gets better and better over time and evolves with Apple's OS.
    For whom is it better? For Apple, for the dev? It's most certainly not better for the consumer. 
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    asdasd said:
    1983 said:
    That's not an appropriate argument. Paying monthly for your Internet service and electricity is not the same thing as having to pay multiple subscriptions just to be able to use dozens of necessary apps just to get through your day. It all adds up and will end up being a hell of a lot more expensive for customers over time, than the current model of paying an affordable fixed amount with free upgrades to use your favourite apps indefinitely. This is good for developers and Apple but a bad deal for customers. And if you somehow can't pay that subscription for that essential app anymore you're screwed with no alternative. And now they're adding ads to the app store too! They're becoming like bloody Google.
    Free upgrades indefinitely? Were you expecting the developers to code whilst homeless? 
    Is, or was there only a small window in time to purchase the app? No. The app if good will continually be purchased giving the dev a regular income to provide updates. 
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