Intel LTE modems to power AT&T version of Apple's 'iPhone 7' - report



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    metrix said:
    I still resent the fact the Intel subsidized manufactures to start making thin laptops like Apple immediately or they would lose huge market share. 

    "Ultrabook" is what Intel called it. Basically, Intel gave out specifications so companies could build MacBook Air clones. 
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    ksecksec Posts: 1,562member
    I guess Apple choose AT&T because they have had a long relationship with them. And could help them test out the Intel modem should there be any problem they could immediately get their hands on and fix.

    Since the conscious from Qualcomm CEO's wording is that there will be 30% of Modem business going to Intel. It is interesting how this is split out. It is only US, China and Japan has CDMA Networks. And it would make sense to use Qualcomm Modem in these market, and Intel in EU or others.  And most of the these CDMA networks, including Verizon are on their way out as they are re framing it for much more efficient LTE.
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    noivad said:
    volcan said:
    AT&T signal sucks at my house. 2 bars and slow. Uses up battery fast and drops FaceTime couple minutes into a call. The WiFi from my home office does not make it out to the back patio very well which is why I use cellular, but I wish it had a better signal. The original concept of cellular service called for many hexagonally positioned cell towers but due to expense, zoning and NIMBY, we ended up with few and far between towers, mostly along the interstate. Better modem, great, but what we really need is more towers. I am looking forward to 10 megabit 5G that AT&T is testing in Texas but if they don't put in more towers around Southern CA it will probably suck just as much as their LTE does when you are a couple miles away from the tower.
    I have the same situation (both with T-Mobile and previously with AT&T) at my house because I’m between 2 towers. Call AT&T and tell them you have multiple devices that are fine outside, but inside drop to two bars or less, and ask them for a signal booster. It’s 2 boxes: one outside or on a window and one inside across the house. By establishing it’s multiple devices experiencing the problem and that it’s fine outside you will give them no reason to refuse them sending you a booster for free.
    They'll still try to charge you $150-$200
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