Apple's watchOS 3 for Apple Watch focuses on speed, instant information



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    I haven't watched the video yet, but did they finally remove or allow the option to disable that supposed feature Time Warp? I have yet to find any functionality for it nor can I find anyone who finds it useful for anything, only thing it does for me is piss me off when the dial rubs against the edge of my pocket or my little girl grabs it and spins the dial. Annoying.
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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,731member
    yes! this will be awesome.

    to the trolls & haters who say "they should have done this from the start" -- go home. seriously. youll only comfortable at home w/ your parents, sheltered from the real world... cuz that isnt how things work in real life. ideas & products dont just spring forth fully-formed and perfect. things get better over time as people work with them and improve them. software is iterative development. Phone OS 1 didnt even have cut & paste -- should apple have delayed the iPhone until they had it? until they had native maps? until they had icloud? etc etc... no, no, and no. 

    so please, get real or go home.
    It may be difficult to understand, but many of us are quite capable of loving something, yet being annoyed by some individual aspects. 
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