Apple TV, iOS will simplify cable provider authentication with single sign-on

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A number of enhancements are coming to the fourth-generation Apple TV later this year, including the ability to authenticate a cable subscription just one time across a variety of apps.

Apple's new single sign-on feature will be available not only for tvOS, but also for iOS. The ability was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday by content head Eddy Cue.

Other features coming to tvOS later this year include ReplayKit, which will allow developers to live broadcast gameplay or save a video for later. PhotoKit will also come to tvOS with access to iCloud photo library.

HomeKit will also come to tvOS, giving developers the ability to create apps to control devices at home. And Apple is also planning to add support for four game controllers simultaneously.

tvOS will also gain a new "dark mode" option. And enhancements to Siri are also in the works, allowing users to instantly load live streaming content from within an app.


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    ceek74ceek74 Posts: 324member
    SSO is even easier now since there's only like 3 cable companies left.
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    This will be so nice. 
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    mjhnlmjhnl Posts: 27member
    Is it in Dutch too? 
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    zoetmbzoetmb Posts: 2,639member
    ceek74 said:
    SSO is even easier now since there's only like 3 cable companies left.
    That's not the point.   While you sign-on using your cable company ID, you're using it in separate apps that come from each cable channel: Comedy, Syfy Now, FOX Now, FXNow, AMC, Watch ABC and even ones for individual shows like Team Coco for the Conan show.   And for some reason I don't quite understand, those apps today don't remember your sign-on info and they don't let you use fingerprint ID.   While some of the MSOs, like Optimum, have an iPad app that will permit you to watch anything, it only works when you're on the same network as the cable box, so you can't use it out of the house (which IMO makes the app almost useless).  

    Half the time when I attempt to watch some streaming content on my iPhone for a TV show I've missed, I can't remember my cable company ID and can't watch the show.   SSO will be great and hopefully (didn't see the keynote - waiting for the recorded stream to be live) fingerprint ID will work.   That will really simplify things, although Apple really needs to take it one step further.   Either they have to work with all the cable channels to consolidate everything into one app OR there needs to be a way that you can search by show and iOS automatically launches the correct app.   Because users should not be expected to remember what cable channel a show is on.

    Also, most of the existing apps don't permit downloading - they only permit streaming.   They should permit downloading as well so passengers can watch in the car when passing through places with no phone signal and so one can watch on subways, etc. 

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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    Still no support for Siri in most countries outside of north America for tvOS. This is really embarrassing. Untie Siri's language setting from the bloody iTunes account already. I'm not asking for Siri to understand Swiss German dialects after all, I just want to be able to speak to it like I have been doing on my iPhone for years — in English. Alas, Cookie doesn't want me to be able to use his much hyped features, more than a year after buxing the aTV 4 with the promise of further Siri regions coming soon. Frack you...
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,818member
    This is real good and welcome news for AppleTV users. Now, I don't have to keep signing into each App with cable provider id.
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    Makes me feel like I don't need a cable box anymore, but since most things still need a cable login, I'm debating what to do. I don't watch a lot of tv from the cable box, but I am realizing how much I'm using it on apple tv. But this feature , is very welcomed, along with the list that shows what apps you can use with your cable provider.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    A much needed update according to those who own AppleTVs.
    tallest skil
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    A much needed update according to those who own AppleTVs.
    It’s particularly annoying because the authentication often needs redone across software updates. It’s nuts.
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    Who cares?? Where's my Apple branded streaming TV service? And why is the new Apple TV so damn buggy? I've never seen this many app crashes on an Apple device. 
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    I've never seen this many app crashes on an Apple device. 
    Safari on my iPhone 6 has done nothing but crash since the day I got it. No amount of restores, refreshes, or reinstallations does anything. Open it, navigate to a page, wait for ten seconds while it is unresponsive and then crashes to the springboard, and then open it again (after which it works fine). No idea.
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    According to Cue, this is coming to iOS as well. Have iOS 10 on my iPhone and it ain't there yet. Looking forward to it and the ability to use Siri on my iOS devices to watch what I want from whatever app supports it, without having go digging around for the right one.
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