Inside iOS 10: Photos Memories will generate slideshow movies automatically



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    Lovelly Jubbly.
    All well and good and all that.
    Just a simple question.

    But how do I get pictures from other sources (eg DSLR) onto my iPad so that they can be put into a slideshow?
    It was possible with old versions of iTunes but recent ones don't see to have the ability to transfer pictures TO an iDevice that are not in the Photos App?

    I guess it is a case of Apple giveth and Apple Taketh away.

    your photos have to be in Photos. if they're not in Photos, you can't expect ios to support slideshows for them. put your photos in Photos. create albums. present slideshow. 
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    MECMEC Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    How do prevent memories from playing any music?   There doesn't seem to be an option for this. Can someone tell apple it's a choice to add?
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    Please help me!

    We know that in IOS 10 Photos Memories will generate slide shows and it will add soundtrack, etc..
    Well, I want to find this soundtrack "VERA CALM by Divide By Nine"
    But I can't find it anywhere Pleaseeee!
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