E3 2016: 'Little Lords of Twilight' tactical strategy game coming to iOS this fall

in iPad edited June 2016
One of the stand-out Apple-compatible games spotted by AppleInsider at this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo was "Little Lords of Twilight," a free-to-play player-versus-player role-playing game coming to both iOS this fall, with a tvOS version also in the works.

The tactical strategy game pits one player against another in turn-based battles, where each turn is a tick towards changing time of day. What time of day it currently is in the battle changes the dynamics of combat, including damage done and equipment available.

Players can create their own characters and choose abilities that can vary in strength based on day-and-night cycles, offering a unique strategy element.

The goal is to kill the enemy or capture their portal, then move on in the grid overworld.

As players progress, they will gain experience and learn skills. As a "freemium" title, certain cosmetic upgrades can be achieved more quickly by paying for in-app purchases.

Quebec City-based developer BKOM Studios is planning cross-platform online multiplayer, meaning iOS gamers will be able to do battle with users on Android.

BKOM Studios is also planning tvOS support, allowing the title to be played with the Siri Remote for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

"Little Lords of Twilight" is scheduled to launch this fall.


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    r00fus1r00fus1 Posts: 65member
    You had me until "freemium". Sorry, not bothering.
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 8,742member
    Looks interesting, though if you could make the freemiumness either linked to optional cosmetics, or make it reasonable and progressive, rather than the shortcut/accelerator norm, that'd be nice.
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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 760editor
    The in app purchases here are cosmetic. You can't buy your way to progress or advancement in the game.
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