Inside iOS 10: New 'Bedtime' feature helps you get a proper night's sleep



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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,038member
    netrox said:
    Unless they come up with ultra rapid charging like under 10 minutes then I don't see how it's useful.
    Care to explain your reasoning?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,341member
    mattinoz said:
    linkman said:
    Apple's solution for sleep tracking is incomplete. Their device for full sleep tracking is the Apple Watch. But with the current model at around 18 hours you are left with the problem of when to charge it. Charge it during waking hours and you will miss out on its usefulness as notification/quick replier/step tracker/heart rate tracker or charge it during sleep and miss out on complete sleep monitoring.
    Everything has pros and cons. A solution would be to buy a second Apple Watch since you can pair more than one now. This addition to iOS10 is a good compromise though. 

    By the way, are they ever to going to add the ability to freaking adjust snooze intervals? So basic and yet it has been missing since the beginning of the iPhone!
    Seems like there would be a market for a screenless tracker device with far less tech in than the watch. I guess the only reason for apple to make is that it would help sell watch bands if it uses the same bands.
    There's already lesser expensive wrist-worn "smartwatches" with sleep tracking features and less tech than the Apple Watch. My wife uses her Fitbit Charge HR, paid less than $100 new, which really tracked a pretty good amount of sleep data. 
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    Urzwoo said:
    I own both an Apple Watch and a pebble time. This 'new' feature from Apple is already available on the pebble as an app called "Morpehuez". As the pebble 'only' has an e-ink screen, battery longevity and wearing the watch all night is no problem whatsoever. 

    I tealmy would  like to like my Apple Watch, but the pebble is just better!

    Better how? Because of the sleep tracking features? Do you not think there are apps that track sleeping for Apple Watch other than what Apple includes? There's more to a watch than how it tracks sleeping. 
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    It's a great feature but I wish you had the option of setting multiple alarms for different days, like the normal alarm clock on the iPhone.

    For me as a student, I have classes start at different times in the week so I don't wake up at the same time every day 
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    Why not go to bed when you are tired? This is truly pathetic, the degree to which technology offers to control the pace of ones life. An alarm, OK, for getting to the work treadmill on time, but going to bed and sleep time? Ugh, losers, get a life. 
    Other changes to Clock are worth a comment-
    The ugly black and reversed colour text.
    Removal of the clock face option in world time. Why axe such a useful feature, that allows instantaneous visual recognition and comparison of time in different counties?
    And finally, the lack of seconds in the Timer, just hours and minutes, is a long standing deficiency. What if you want to time a 3 and a half minute egg? Sorry Apple devotees, better use an Android device. 
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    I wish they would put half as much effort into allowing us to customize Do Not Disturb as they did this "feature".
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Sleep Cycle does a much better job of tracking sleep on iOS.  Unfortunately, Apple's implementation doesn't actually track your sleep cycles which is an interesting feature of the sleep cycle app. 
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