Dropbox introduces new productivity tools including text scanner for Apple's iOS

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New capabilities were launched by cloud storage service Dropbox on Wednesday, including an update to its official iOS app that allows users to quickly scan text-based documents and convert them into files.

The updated Dropbox features aim to give users greater flexibility on both mobile and computer platforms, according to an announcement made on Dropbox's blog. Users can now scan documents using the mobile Dropbox app and organize from whiteboards, receipts, and sketches and search inside scans.

A new button allows users to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files instantly from a mobile device and be automatically saved to Dropbox.

Dropbox is also changing the way its camera upload works. Once connected to a Dropbox account on a computer, users can better access, organize or remove photos without running out of space.

The company is cutting steps for sharing files. A user can now right-click on a file or folder in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and share from the desktop, without redirecting to the web, or copying a link to email.

Comments can be added to specific parts of files, giving precise feedback by highlighting a piece of text or an image anywhere within a file preview. This feature is usually only found in design software.

"With half a billion users doing work in Dropbox, we've learned a lot about how complicated it can be to get things done," Todd Jackson, Dropbox vice president of product and design, wrote on the Dropbox blog. "You've told us you need to work from everywhere, collaborate with lots of people, and use a bunch of specialized tools to bring your ideas to life. We want to make that easier--whether you work on your own, with a small team, or as part of a big company. That's why we're introducing new productivity tools to simplify, unify, and secure your work."


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    Ah, but apparently you only get full-text searching (OCR) in the scanned PDFs if you have a business account, so… not really so useful… (This is mentioned at: http://www.dropbox.com/help/9244 near the bottom.)
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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 1,528member
    I've used Dropbox for 8 years for my small business. Tremendously convenient and reliable. Synced storage, automatic backup, and collaboration in one simple package. But I worry that they are growing "big" now and may lose the elegance that made them great.

    I'd much rather see them partner with other companies that specialize in such features, and offer a "plug-in" type architecture to achieve the same seamlessly-integrated broad range of features, rather than building everything into the Dropbox app itself.
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