Twitter photo stickers coming soon to iOS app

in iPhone edited June 2016
Twitter on Monday announced plans to launch stickers in its mobile apps, letting users customize their uploaded images with premade graphics.

The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android "over the next few weeks," Twitter said. When editing a photo, people will see a new Stickers tab, which includes various accessories, emoji, and props, sorted into their own tabs and themes. These can be rotated and resized for the best fit.

Tapping on a sticker in an uploaded image will bring users to a separate Twitter timeline, highlighting various uses of it around the world. People browsing Twitter on the Web will be able to view and click on stickers, but not apply them to uploaded content.

Coming soon! Unleash your creativity by adding fun #Stickers to your photos on Twitter:

-- Twitter (@twitter)

Except for the social hooks, the feature resembles sticker functions in some other mobile apps, including iOS 10's updated Messages. Twitter is well ahead of Apple timewise -- iOS 10 won't launch until sometime this fall, most likely in September.


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    bobschlobbobschlob Posts: 1,074member
    I really can't recall a more boring time concerning Apple than this period right now.
    Maybe that's a good thing? I just don't know.
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    I have already created a stickers app for iOS 10 Beta 1 Messages. So, I would not necessarily agree that Twitter is ahead of Apple with sticker support since Apple is not providing stickers itself. 

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    Is this a reaction to iOS 10? If stickers were on other messaging apps for a while now, why did Twitter jump onto the bandwagon just now?
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