Apple Pay promotion offers discounts, rewards on select in-app purchases

in iPhone edited July 2016
As part of a recently launched iOS App Store promotion, select third-party retailers like Hotel Tonight, Uber, Grubhub and Ticketmaster are discounting in-app purchases processed through Apple Pay.

The promotion, advertised through Twitter and spotted by AppleInsider reader Peter, features savings on purchases made through a variety of e-retailers dealing in travel bookings, food, entertainment, and more. Promoted tweets from Apple's official App Store account.

Most participating apps were updated this week with descriptions outlining deals on offer. Hotel Tonight is offering a $25 coupon for new customer bookings paid for with Apple Pay (restricted to purchases over $135), while GrubHub is taking $10 off first-time orders. Other notables include Ticketmaster, which is knocking 25 percent off ticket four-packs to select events, a $10 voucher for future purchases from Under Armour's UA Shop.

Some apps are giving away prizes during the promotional period. For example, customers who book a hotel room with Expedia from now through Sept. 1, will be entered to win a trip to New York or $500 in Expedia points. Other companies, like Dunkin' Donuts and Kohl's, are tacking on extra loyalty rewards points to Apple Pay transactions.

Apple's promotion launched last week and is good through Sept. 1, though offers from certain apps, like $5 coupons from Fandango, have already expired. Participating apps were aggregated onto a dedicated App Store page within the past few days.


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    slprescottslprescott Posts: 764member
    This is encouraging. I love Apple Pay and have been able to use it more recently, but promotions like this will be necessary as a catalyst to change behavior of merchants and buyers. Keep it up.

    Personally I'd love an Apple Pay loyalty program of some sort... e.g., accumulate points that you can use to buy items from iTunes. But... I don't know if Apple profits enough from Apple Pay to justify the cost of such a loyalty program.
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    A bit odd that this promotion opens in the iTunes Store. 
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