Latest iOS 10 beta enables support for live broadcasting

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The latest iOS 10 beta appears to open up live streaming support for apps, as Apple originally promised during June's Worldwide Developer Conference.

Image Credit: coldplayer42 on Reddit
Image Credit: coldplayer42 on Reddit

The technology can already be found in Apple's Swift Playgrounds code-learning app for the iPad, according to a post on Reddit. An extended menu in the app offers a "Broadcast Live" option -- selecting this prompts users to pick from outside apps that allow broadcasting.

At WWDC Apple introduced ReplayKit, a framework that will support both live broadcasting and saving videos for later viewing and sharing. The technology is primarily gaming-oriented, reflecting the popularity of games on broadcast-ready services like Twitch and YouTube.

Image Credit: coldplayer42 on Reddit
Image Credit: coldplayer42 on Reddit

From the beginning Apple mentioned that Swift Playgrounds would support live streaming, but the initial version of the app didn't include the option.

The finished version of iOS 10 isn't expected to arrive until sometime this fall, most likely September. With major iOS releases, Apple will often add promised features over the course of several betas, giving it time to test things and flesh them out.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,456member
    Ideal in this day and age.
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    boeyc15boeyc15 Posts: 986member
    Live broadcast to the public? Like Facebook? Ohhh that would be interesting for good reasons and nefarious reasons
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    First time commenting here. I noticed, in the iOS 10 public beta, that the share sheet in the photo app includes a share to Music option. When clicking on this, a "post" page pops up but then quickly disappears. Luckily I got a screenshot of it. I'm thinking it may have something to do with Connect and may be proof of an opening up of Connect to everyone where anyone could make a "post." 
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