MacKeeper threatens 14-year-old YouTube video maker with harassment suit



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    YouTube and Apple should defend Luqman Wadood for telling the truth!
    We need to start a GoFundMe campaign to pay all the kid's legal costs and counter sue to drive these lowlifes out of business 
    Yeah that's not going to work. Their YouTube channel has Russian's on it and my best guess is Russian organised crime behind them. The only one with money to do what you suggest is Apple.
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    Since I have been reading about MacKeeper ads to download this 'great software' keep showing left and right on the homepage of AI. Google has found my preferences...
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    After MacKeeper ads popped up on a legit site I went to, I made a rule in Little Snitch to block their domain. Likewise, if it ever gets through again, I'll also set Privacy Badger to block all content from them. Screw you, Zeobit.
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    apple ][ said:
    Who the hell in their right mind would ever install this crap?
    The same people who install Memory Cleaners which basically just flush the disk cache from RAM and you can do that with a command that's free with Xcode Developer Tools.  The Apple support discussions are full of people complaining of problems and with help from some talented friendly Mac owners they find they have MacKeeper installed.  Removing it has the effect of getting rid of all the problems.  The software is horrific and their advertising is horrid. It is a blight on the Apple landscape.  It's legit just enough for Apple to not flag it with their anti-malware function.  Shady scumbags...

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    The same people who install Memory Cleaners

    At least jokes don’t require malware.

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    GeiirGeiir Posts: 1member
    Reading this I am literally considering making my own video, shitting on them :D
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