Apple airs two 'Shot on iPhone' videos featuring slo-mo and time lapse footage

in iPhone edited July 2016
Apple on Tuesday added a pair of videos to its ongoing "Shot on iPhone" series, this time throwing a spotlight on smartphone's imaging software by showcasing stunning slow motion and time lapse footage.

Posted to the company's official YouTube channel, the two 30-second spots feature clips shot by real life users, underscoring the idea that you don't need to be a professional photographer to capture amazing images with iPhone.

The first ad is from Robert S., who took time lapse footage of a cable car ride over Bregenz, Austria. Thanks to iPhone's video stabilization feature, the resulting clip is smooth and almost devoid of camera shake. It's worth noting the incredibly accurate gamut of colors Apple's hardware is capable of reproducing.

A second video by Marc Z., shot in New York City, shows off iPhone's slo-mo capabilities. In particular, the black-and-white clip of a girl with long, flowing hair shows off the absolute resolution of Apple's iSight lenser.

Apple first debuted "Shot on iPhone" in March 2015 with a series of still images captured by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Since iPhone launched in 2007, the handset's camera has been a major selling point. Successive improvements to both hardware and software over a period of nine device generations have culminated in what Apple touts as the world's most popular digital camera.


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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    The slow-mo one is a little weird. Especially for Apple.
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    Nice teeth in the second video. I am glad doing something others consider weird can still be tried by Apple! In a way it is pushing the company to be more than it is assumed to be.
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    stanthemanstantheman Posts: 332member
    I would like to see a small 'box' in a corner of each commercial showing the finger of the user touching the relevant iPhone button settings to take the shot. Then, the iPhone camera commercials would attract new customers, as now, but also encourage existing iPhone owners to use more of the features of their cameras.
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    palegolaspalegolas Posts: 1,361member
    Nice. With the new iPhone 7 designs appearing online in these days, perhaps we can finally hope for better low light video performance, with the new seemingly huge lens.
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