Apple hit with lawsuit targeting AppleCare+ refurbished devices



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    horvatichorvatic Posts: 144member
    No matter what she says if she signed for the replacement she's done.  They are remanufactured and not refurbished which are quite different. Refurbished could mean wiping the screen clean and reselling it. Remanufactured means it was completely taken apart and put back together in a assembly plant replacing all the outer case, glass, and battery and possibly only using the internal parts which would be tested and passed before the final product is shipped back out to use as a replacement. There is a 90 day warranty on those replacements or the remainder of the existing warranty. So if she got a bad replacement she could have gone back to get it replaced again which would reset that 90 day warranty. This seems to be lawyers trying to grab at straws to get rich quick, it won't work. Also Apple isn't the only one that replaces in warranty products with remanufactured ones. Every company does this as a standard. The only difference is all the other companies take six weeks to ship you that remanufactured part where Apple can replace it for you right in store on the spot.
    If you bought your new product and have a problem with it within 14 days Apple will replace it with a boxed new product. But after that it would have to be done through the Genius bar. This is how it's been since I can remember, nothings changed.
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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,474member
    cropr said:
    Just a week ago, Apple lost a lawsuit in the Netherlands to a woman for exactly the same reason.  During the warranty period, her broken iPhone 6s could not be repaired and was replaced by a refurbished one .  She complained and won the trial.  The judge ordered Apple to provide a new iPhone or to pay the full value of a new iPhone (799 Euro) to the woman.
    Should have given all her money back and told her to go get an Android device and never buy from us again.
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    tdsmactdsmac Posts: 13member
    robogobo said:
    I had an iPad Mini replaced under AppleCare by a refurbished unit. Never did work properly - always Wifi issues. But it wasn't consistent and Apple wouldn't give me another replacement. So, yeah, the refurbished thing sucks.
    Meanwhile, millions of people buy refurbished Apple products every year without complaint. You probably had an issue with your crap AP or needed to restore the OS.
    On the flip side is that "new" devices can have defects and thus are replaced under regular warranty or apple care (if after a year). So, getting new doesn't mean getting problem free either. In the short or long term. It's no guarantee. The argument the lawyer is making is a circular one. Using a client who had a accidental damage claim sidesteps that issue since the original failure wasn't due to a defect. 
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    VisualSeedVisualSeed Posts: 217member
    Unless they drop the phone the minute they open it, her phone wasn't new. In fact the refurbished ones in some aspects are probably better, precisely because they've been examined. Some people are never happy.
    Would be really funny if Apple replaced phones with ones from the same lot so you got one almost exactly the same age as the one you had. 
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