'Solid' forecast from Apple chipmaker Skyworks may bode well for 'iPhone 7' production



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    mjhnl said:
    The old iPhone market share argument, trotted out every quarter.  Too many toss that around as though all other things were equal, which they are not.

    Apple’s share of the overall smartphone market is meaningless. All of the usual benefits of larger market share accrue to Apple regardless; manufacturing economies of scale to keep costs low and provide high margins, most desired brand among all market participants, ecosystem lock-in to get development done on your platform first, and the lion’s share of global profits. It gains these benefits from having majority share of the most important segment of the smartphone market; that being the premium smartphone market.

    The reason Apple"s share of global shares declines was explained by Cook very clearly; it's because there are about 2 billion people still using feature phones, typically people who cannot afford anything more expensive.  So these people, when transitioning to smartphone's, are going with the cheapest handsets and That means an Android handset.  But as people transition through the Android universe, to higher-priced and more capable handsets, they eventually come to the iPhone and those who can afford one, but one. But there's far more people transitioning at any given time from feature phones to smartphone's than from Android to iPhone.  Cook described Android as training wheels for the iPhone.  That's an apt description.
    I wish you're right and this was propably so a few years ago. At the moment those cheap android phones are capable in doing the same as the iPhones. The midrange androids are on par with the iPhone and the premium Androids are exeeding the iPhone. That's why iPhone 7 needs to be a lot better or a few hundred dollars cheaper as the iPhone 6 now. Cook also said that Apple was only interested in making the best phones... Wait for the numbers next Tuesday. I'm not afraid to apologize when I was wrong.
    You're conflating the lower unit numbers we ALL know are coming in Tuesday's report with the erroneous market cap meme that's been floated for years.  And it might be your opinion that midrange Androids are on par with iPhone, but they sell in the volumes they do on price; if they truly were on par, then they would be able to command higher prices.  As to the Premium Android phones, well, they all have a major flaw; they run the Android OS.  And they don't actually beat iPhone on specs either, especially not when comparing compute efficiency, which is something Apple, because they care about the environment, think about.
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    mjhnl said:
    2old4fun said:
    The idea of marketshare is so wrong. I cannot understand how people keep speaking of Apples marketshare as if it's important. Apple is not losing customers. The market as a whole is increasing the number of available customers. And if the number of available customers grows faster than Apple grows their number of customers then Apple's market share based on customers will be less. Apple runs a profitable business.
    Marketshare is important for developers and third parties to invest in.

    You are aware of this being bunk right? Android's vast marketshare still hasn't lured the developers in any meaningful manner (unless GatorGuy has some stats here).

    And anyway, kudos to you for not just posting and running away. You are responding to others, no matter how misguided you seem.

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