Adobe brings browsing-only version of Lightroom to Apple TV

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Adobe on Tuesday launched a new version of Lightroom for the fourth-generation Apple TV, intentionally scaled back from its siblings in terms of functionality.

Whereas the iOS and desktop versions of the app are geared towards editing, the tvOS edition only supports browsing collections in a simplified interface, according to Adobe. The key is that because it relies on Creative Cloud, photos from other devices -- and their applied edits -- can be synced automatically, simply viewable on a bigger screen. This may be particularly useful for professional studios presenting photos to clients.

In addition to browsing manually, the app supports viewing images in a slideshow, and stopping to zoom in at will.

Lightroom is a free download from the tvOS App Store, but won't work at all without a Creative Cloud subscription, which costs a minimum of $9.99 per month after the free trial period ends.


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    friedmudfriedmud Posts: 158member
    Works well.  Just another way to view photos... simple and to the point.

    I do hope they add a _few_ features as time goes by though.  Would be nice to be able to filter photos using flags/star ratings.  Would also be nice to be able to flag/star!

    The iOS app basically started out like this: being able to view only... but overtime it's become MUCH more useful.  Lately it even gained the ability to handle RAW photos!
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