Bloomberg Radio stream added to Apple Music in over 100 countries

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Apple will provide the Bloomberg Radio news channel stream for free, 24 hours a day, to all countries that have the full Apple Music experience.

Bloomberg Radio on Apple Music offers national and international news reports, coupled with relevant finance market updates. Programming is supplemented with interviews with analysts, and company executives. The service broadcasts around 20 live interviews daily.

Only a few terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. provide the Bloomberg Radio service for the full day, and the ones that do are generally only broadcasting on the AM band. Paid satellite radio providers XM Radio and Sirius Radio provide a 24-hour feed.

Programming is generally broadcast in the English language. Custom feeds for native languages will not be provided.

The Apple Music expansion of Bloomberg Radio to all countries with the service gives the all-news programming venue a much wider, and more public, 24-hour distribution than it had previously.


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