AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 7,' beta updates, Mobile Passport, more

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor discuss the latest updates in public betas, Neil reviews the Brooklyn Apple Store, and Victor reviews the Mobile Passport app for getting through customs. Plus, new iPad Pro keyboards, and the very latest in "iPhone 7" rumors.

AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks wrap up the latest in betas and rumors:

  • Mobile Passport and saving time through Customs entering the U.S.
  • Apple releases third public betas of iOS 10, macOS Sierra
  • iOS 10 beta 4 adds introduction explaining Apple's Control Center changes
  • Brooklyn celebrates the grand opening of its first Apple Store
  • Apple's latest iPad Pro ad asks, 'What's a computer?'
  • Apple's latest iOS 10 beta enables faster text deletion with 3D Touch
  • Logitech debuts Create Backlit Keyboard Case for 9.7" iPad Pro
  • Supply chain sources again point to Apple's 'iPhone 7 Plus' having 3GB of RAM
  • Apple diversity report claims US pay equity
  • FBI director calls for restart of smartphone encryption debate
  • Time Warner CEO says possible Apple buyout was never 'serious'

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    Hi, I would like to hear your advice on my purchase intentions for University. I'm interested in buying a MacBook with the Back to school promo. But, I'M not sure really if it'b be better to wait till September event, in the case they present new MacBooks "I would appreciate a  performance upgrade". If they upgrade the Air it'b be a  obvious choice for me "display especially". A trade-off could be buying the MacBook regardless "with back school promo", and then wait for the event. in the best scenario I'll bring back the old and buy the newer "or the air" so that I can keep the Beats included in the promo. Do you think it possible for the hypothetical new MacBooks "air or not" to be on the shelves "virtual shelves" before the 19th September "there's the constraint of being only 14 the days during which they accept product return on the Apple Store Online".

    Thanks in advance, your listener from Italy "also consider this for the new products availability".
     By the way, the App Developer School in Naples attracted more than 4000 candidates for only 400 available students that will be chosen "many are NOT Italian".
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,520member
    One suggestion, you should broaden your concept of what is useful to an end user. Too often I hear that something is not useful for you and you generalize that to all users. This is a criticism not just of this podcast but I hear this from many reviewers. I travel the country teaching people how to use our product and software and can tell you there is a wide spectrum of users out there.

    You say you are not an artist so you dismiss the Pen for iPad Pro. The Pen is not just for artists. You can markup email, make sketches (like we used to do on napkins), take notes at meetings and more.

    The 16GB iPhone. I understand your arguments against this and don't disagree. Still, I suspect that there are many people who buy these or are given one at work for whom 16GB is enough. If this is a work phone you may have a separate private phone with your videos and music. The work phone is used mostly for email, maps and to view attachments and for that 16GB is OK. Apple can see what most people are doing with the phone and the fact that they kept this around so long makes me think they knew that it suited many people. 

    There are many use cases. There was a cartoon in the San Francisco Chronicle a few years ago about a guy suing Apple because his phone didn't receive calls. No one told him you had to have friends before you would receive phone calls.

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