Apple reportedly planning $1B database center and R&D facility in Vietnam



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    Wisely hedging their overseas and South-East Asian bets, with a mind to avoid putting all their golden nest-eggs ln the crumbling EU and volatile Chinese baskets...
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    vision33rvision33r Posts: 213member
    One reason is that the EU is pushing companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook to comply with fair taxation.  It's not right when all these big companies are in Ireland which has a lower corporate tax than all other industrial nations so Apple forwards their EU profits over there.  With Asia they don't want to work with China in the long term because China steals their trade secrets and wants to control information.  I think going to Vietnam would not end well because they are very corrupt country and it's business as usual for Apple to keep exploiting weak labor and tax laws.
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    I'm sure the Vietnamese have as many reasons to eat dogs as some of you guys have for not eating them. Understanding cultures is very difficult and people just take the easy way out of disregarding something that they aren't comfortable with.

    The dog meat is probably easier to digest than the crow some of you should actually be eating.

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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,088member
    Vietnam (especially HCMC) is a dynamic country full of young intelligent people who are earnest hardworking Apple fanatics.  It is a great place for an Apple datacenter.
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