Chrome 53 will begin phase-out of Adobe Flash, Google says



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    misamisa Posts: 827member
    zeus423 said:
    I guess Flash will be gone in a flash. Too bad it's taken way too long for that flash to occur.
    It's only happening now because Flash can't do 4K video, and can't do 8K ever. Adobe has already renamed Flash to Animate in their CC suite.

    The actual specs for Flash allow for a 16K canvas, but the 32-bit plugins can't do 8K because there is not enough memory to render something, You lose too much precision when you blow up a 400x300 flash video to 1080p, but you also create large tweening artifacts when you blow it up to 4K. Where at 400x300 an object might move 30 pixels, but at 4K it now has to move nearly 300 pixels, and doesn't have the sub-pixel precision to make it smooth.

    Adobe screwed up everyone by making Flash a "video player", had it never been a video player, the flash plugin would have remained an animation tool, at might have remained a relevant animation format (eg instead of gif.) The time for flash to end was 2006 (when the PS3/Wii/Xbox360 were released) and it's only still around because advertisements push video ads through it.
    tallest skil
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    misa said:
    Adobe has already renamed Flash to Animate in their CC suite.
    “…wait, really?” was my first thought. And then…

    Talk about trying to Orwell the past away! At least the classic third party champions of Flash acknowledge its death;)

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    jdwjdw Posts: 742member
    jdw said:
    Google could easily eliminate Flash in quick order simply by banning all sites with Flash from appearing in any search results.
    And be sued for it....
    There is no more or less reason for a lawsuit over that than there is for Google demoting non-mobile-compliant sites now.  That's right, for many months now, Google has been sending out messages to all of us who own domains that if we don't start transforming our sites into mobile friendly sites (i.e., Responsive designs), then we will drop in rank in their search results.  Depending on the drop in rank, that end result is no different than banning out sites outright.

    And there you have it.
    RobJenktallest skil
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