Barbra Streisand says 'Sept. 30' iOS update will fix Siri's pronunciation of her name



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    The part that has me scratching my head is how people on blogs are discussing whether or not an iOS update will be coming on the 30th.
    Do they seriously not understand that Siri is NOT hosted on your phone?? Have never got the "Siri unavailable" message before??
    Was there an iOS update before Siri added Pokémon Go jokes?? Was there an iOS update before Siri started answering WWDC questions?? No.
    Duh. Siri is a cloud based service.... an update may very well be scheduled on the 30th. Why would that have a thing to do with iOS updates? 
    Shows a sad lack of basic tech understanding on the majority of news outlets reporting on this.
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    pkwi said:
    These people sing a couple swoony songs then end up squatting on piles of cash for the rest of their lives, buying whatever strikes their fancy, including a direct line to Tim Cook? It's a spectacular fluke of capitalism and effective marketing... a magic loophole. She found it, wow. But how she and these other mega rich manage to HOLD ON to their hundreds of millions while scores of people suffer, crippled by poverty, is the true spectacle. What messed-up, crooked, out-of-touch lunatics these barons are.

    I wish I could sing a couple of "swoony songs" and end up squatting on piles of cash for the rest of my life.

    That's what I wish.

    More power to her.
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