macOS Sierra beta points to future Macs equipped with 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2



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    ireland said:
    No. The Skylake chips most likely for MBP just came out, Kaby Lake probably not til mid-2017 if it sticks to a similar timeline to Skylake. 
    Skylake first launch in August 2015. Kaby Lake began shipping to manufacturers and OEMs in the second quarter of 2016. Volume production for retail channel is expect in late 2016 (Wikipedia)—hence why I wonder if Apple are holding out for Kaby. Would seem insane after such a long wait to launch the new machine with last year's chips just a month or two before the latest chips are ready to go. They would miss the back-to-school window, but they can't do everything. Hopefully Kaby is ready by late Sep or something. Apple could announce in late Sep and ship in late October. That gives Intel 2 months to get this done.
    Sorry but this is incorrect. There are many different types within each family of chip that get released over a period of a year or longer.  Skylake first released the low power U and M class I believe (M used in the MacBook for example). Others have come out since, but the particular Skylake chips that are most likely to be used in the 15" MBP (2.6 GHz Core i7-6770HQ, a 2.7 GHz Core i7-6870HQ, and a 2.8 GHz Core i7-6970HQ all with Iris Pro 580 iGPU) just recently saw the light of day in the Skull Canyon NUC that first shipped like 3-4 weeks ago but haven't appeared in any actual laptops yet that I'm aware of yet. These chips were "launched" in January but for Intel that seems to mean "announced" as they were not actually seen in a shipping product (the NUC) until just recently. Likewise the workstation Xeons for something like the Mac Pro usually come much later than the others in a lineup. And the only Kaby Lakes to come out in 2016 are gonna be the U/M class chips again, with all the rest including all possible chips for a MBP coming out next year. 
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