Apple issues iOS 9.3.5 update, patching serious security issues discovered just 10 days ago



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    elehcdn said:
    razormaid said:
    TurboPGT said:
    I wonder if this patch was in iOS 10 beta 7 and its why they rushed it out last Friday.
    I guess it's ok to talk about it now... beta 7 was rushed out after I found a serious serious battery issue that caused the battery to drop rapidly. I found it Monday after beta 6 , but I thought maybe my charger wasn't working properly so I just dismissed it. 

    The main thing is they were able to identify "it" (the problem) quickly and (the battery life) is actually working better than it has during any of the 6 previous betas. I want to say exactly what is was but I was reminded of the NDA about 100 times during the process of testing and fixing so... just glad it's fixed and even improved now. I swear I'm getting an extra hour than I was before. I guess that's the obsessing thing they try to avoid. GRIN 
    Wait, the public beta is still at beta 6 ... I have been running for over a week and haven't seen this issue ...
    It would have been your beta 5 with the battery issue. Your beta 6 was our beta 7 fix. Between 5 and 6 for you was just 4 days. That's why. The public beta is always behind "nunberwise" but only because we started first. GRIN 

    so your beta 6 is the battery fix 
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