DxO One iPhone camera gets new Wi-Fi modes, lens & outdoor accessories

in iPhone edited August 2016
DxO on Wednesday announced new remote control and "Mobile Smart Lighting" features for its iPhone-connected DxO One camera, along with several accessories, such as a waterproof shell and a lens adapter.

Coming as a part of late-September iOS app update, Wi-Fi Remote Control will let users exercise full control over shooting without the camera being directly attached. To simplify setup, iOS will be able pass Wi-Fi credentials to the camera via its Lightning port, allowing both devices to talk over a local Wi-Fi network. When away from networks, users will be able to pair an iPhone to the One through a direct Wi-Fi link.

Mobile Smart Lighting, also included in the app update, will generate a global tone map and use this to improve the dynamic range of photos. DxO is promising other software changes as well, such as improvements to battery management and consumption, an on-demand autofocus mode, and underwater white balancing that compensates for blue cast.

This is needed because of the main new accessory, the Outdoor Shell. The unit actually has two backs, the first of which is simply splash proof, but thin enough that people can still touch and control the camera's OLED display. The second is waterproof to 150 feet, and meant for swimming -- users will, however, have to have separate protection for their iPhone if they bring it along. The Shell also has threads for optical and tripod add-ons, and should be mountable in some third-party action cam accessories.

The Optical Adapter will let people attach standard filters, macro lenses, and hoods to the front of the camera, significantly extending shooting options. Other accessories include the compact Stand, and the Zipped Pouch.

All of the new add-ons should ship around the same time as the app update goes live. The Outdoor Shell will cost $59.99, while the Stand and Optical Adapter will be $24.99 apiece. The Pouch will be $19.99. The DxO One itself costs $499.


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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,190member
    The DxO One has the equivalent of a 32mm wide angle lens. If I'm going to spend $500 on a 20Mpixel camera with a 1 inch (13.2mm x 8.8mm) sensor (same as Nikon CX, Nikon 1 series camera) then it needs to have a zoom lens of some kind. The camera module is very good but it doesn't appear DxO has any screw on external lens (don't like these) or the ability to use removable lenses. I understand the market they're going for but I'd still like a zoom. 
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