Apple Upgrade Program participants complain of no stock, scheduling problems



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    I can tell you right now Apple would love it if most of the eligible customers were on the iPhone upgrade program. Heck they even expanded to several other countries this year.  Apple loves this because it's more likely that someone on the upgrade program will get a new phone every year vs someone who's not. The idea that this is somehow bad for Apple and only poor people choose this option is laughable. You need a good credit score to even be eligible.

    Anyway I agree with @"dick applebaum" Apple should be able to better anticipate how many enrolled in the IUP are interested in upgrading and plan alocations accordingly. And if they knew jet black would be in short supply because of manufacturing issues or whatever then state upfront that there would be limited quantities on launch day. When something sells out the minute it goes on sale that's clearly a supply issue. For a company that's supposedly so great at supply chain it's amazing how some of their recent launches have gone.
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