Apple fans line up worldwide for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch Series 2



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    TurboPGT said:
    lkrupp said:
    I wonder if this will happen with the release, err, I mean re-release of the Note 7? Will fire trucks be on hand just in case?

    Apple fan lines are ridiculed by pundits and critics alike. Even some stuffed shirts right here on AI point and laugh while solemnly declaring they would never stand in line for anything. Apple customers who stand in line are denigrated as robot lemmings and “iSheeple.” You know what? That’s pure, unadulterated jealousy. Other smartphone manufacturers would sell their grandmothers into slavery to see lines like that for their products. Of course those other manufacturers don’t have many stores for people to line up in front of do they? The stores themselves are objects of derision and jokes right here on AI too. More evidence of raging jealousy.
    I think both things can be true at the same time. Apple's runaway success creates the environment, but you have to seriously question the priorities of people who stand in line over night to buy an iPhone.
    None of your business what their priorities are. Those who question others' priorities wouldn't understand the answers, anyway. So just move on.
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    lonestar1 said:
    TurboPGT said:
     Apple's runaway success creates the environment, but you have to seriously question the priorities of people who stand in line over night to buy an iPhone.
    Last year was the first time I stood in line overnight, and probably the last. It was a special case. I happened to break my phone that evening and needed a replacement. Also, I had a new puppy at the time, so there was no chance I would get to sleep through the night anyway. 

    Most of the people who camp overnight appear to be in their late teens to early 20's. For them, I think it's a social experience. They've probably done the same thing for a movie premiere or a rock concert. They get a "badge" just for saying they did it. 
    You don't need a reason to stand in line for an Apple product, and you don't need to explain such to anyone. It's not about age either. I've stood in line for Apple products more than once, and I'm in my sixties. It's simply a fun thing to do—to mingle with like-minded people who appreciate what Apple is doing, and to be among the first to enjoy a new product. Those who crave others' approval keep themselves out of a lot of enjoyment of life.
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    qikbruce said:
    For the last week, I have been jumping through hoops to try to purchase an iPhone 7+ using the Apple Upgrade Program, This included a three hour wait on the phone earlier this week to speak to someone at Apple who, according to an article on this web site, would try to help me locate a phone, I was finally able to get a reservation for the phone I wanted at an Apple store about 75 miles from my home. The reservation was for 11:00 this morning, Friday, Sep 16. I was directed to a sales clerk who took all of my information regarding the reservation, she called to the back to get the phone brought up. A few minutes later, she informed me that they didn't have my phone! One of the store managers told me the phones they were expecting to fulfill that morning's reservations had not arrived when they were supposed to. He blamed the problem on FedEx. He could not tell me if they would get the phones today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month. He took my contact info and promised they would get in touch as soon as my phone arrived. I am skeptical that will happen based on how unprepared Apple was at this introduction. It has been very exasperating and I have lost a faith in Apple's commitment to a quality shopping experience for their customer. Anyone else have this problem?
    Whining about your plight isn't going to help at all.
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    Stayed up until 3 AM 3:30 AM (busy website) to order iPhone upgrade program, 45 minute drive in traffic on a Friday, waited half an hour in line, and still no iPhone. Why? Not being "upgrade eligible." In retrospect, a legitimate reason, but couldn't the system have informed me of this BEFORE they went to scan the QR code in my e-mail, BEFORE I wasted five hours of my life??? At the very least, BEFORE going ahead and putting a hold on my credit card for first month's installment plus tax? Especially since they ask for carrier information in the order process. Apple has a great reputation for customer service, and for good reasons, but this is something they'd better get right next time around.
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