iPhone 7 solid-state home button works on capacitive touch, gloved users beware



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    [this post was originally in reply to a now-hidden post that gave four possible reasons why the editors included this particular image; all four options implied intent and political agenda]

    Option e:
    choose photo with random shot of major US news site - all of which feature Trump stories on the front page, all of which are negative, because reality has an anti-Trump bias - simply because it doesn't occur to you that ANYONE could be dumb enough enough to even CONSIDER turning this into a fucking political disenfranchisement issue. Then sit back and stare incredulously as some dork does just that. 

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    Instead of deleting 7 of your readers comments who are disappointed in your biased journalism, you could have replaced your biased picture. 

    Ill be be very happy to leave my ad blocker on. 
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    jgreg728 said:
    Big freaking DEAL. You can't use ANY touch screens with regular gloves on ANY phone. What good does the home button give you if you can't use the touch screen or touch ID in the first place? People will make an issue about anything Apple....
    You can, though it is not common.

    Nokia and Synaptics have developed super-sensitive touch screen which could be used with finger, nail, any gloves, stylus... Nokia claimed pretty much anything, but it should be anything with any capacitive characteristics. It basically had different capacitive profiles and would change them to appropriate one, somehow.

    Lumia 920 and 820 were first phones to have it. I had Lumia 920 and it did work fine, much as I played with it. But since I live in north of New Zealand (where gloves are hardly required), I have eventually disabled it. There were some concerns if this feature, when enabled, uses more power. I don't know if it did (or if difference was noticeable), but since I didn't need it, I just turned it off in settings, at some point.

    I don't know if Nokia did patent on this. I haven't seen this outside of Lumia line... but I'm guessing it could be popular if it became mainstream. Especially up north. Or down south.
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    mobius said:
    Why not use the on/off switch on the side to activate the screen?
    Why not read the article before posting?

    With a physically depressible home button, gloved hands can wake iPhone, return to home, invoke Siri and perform other OS actions with ease. Not so with iPhone 7.

    I don't understand what you want to tell me. I read the article. The other users that downvoted your post are probably as confused as me with your nonsense comment.
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