Apple releases macOS 10.12 Sierra with Siri, Apple Pay for web, Apple Watch login, more

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Apple on Tuesday released macOS 10.12 Sierra, bringing Siri to the desktop, many cross-platform integrations between iOS and macOS, Apple Pay for the web, and hundreds of other enhancements and bug fixes.

Siri on the Mac is new, and is similar to that on the iOS. Options available to users include reminders, photo browsing, Apple Music, FaceTime calls, restaurant reservations, and deep Finder integration.

The macOS Sierra update has also introduced cross-platform clipboard syncing between the Mac and iOS without third-party solutions, an implementation of iOS' Picture in Picture feature, and synchronization of files to iCloud for iOS and macOS access.

Other enhancements included with Apple's latest Mac operating system include the APFS file system's first deployment, rich Messages on par with the iOS implementation, improvements to Photos, Apple Pay for the web, and auto unlock via Apple Watch.

Analysis of the Sierra beta code pointed to 10 GBps USB 3.1 Gen 2 implementation in future hardware.

According to Apple:

  • Messages makes conversations more interesting, allowing users to preview web links and play video clips from right within the app; respond to messages with a Tapback like a heart,?thumbs up and more directly onto a message bubble; and send bigger emoji for more message impact.
  • Tabs are now available across Mac apps that support multiple windows, including Maps, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit, and even third-party apps.?
  • Picture in Picture floats video from Safari or iTunes in a window over the desktop. The window can be resized, dragged and pinned to any corner of the screen so users can watch?video while they work.
  • Optimized Storage frees up space when a Mac starts getting full by storing infrequently used items in the cloud and helping users remove apps and files they no longer need.
  • Apple Music in iTunes makes it even easier to discover new music and browse exclusives and new releases.
  • Shoppers can now click the Apple Pay button at checkout on nearly?300,000 participating websites, including 1-800-Flowers, Gilt, Instacart, Lululemon, and Warby Parker.
  • Siri on the Mac can help send messages and email, find documents, look up information, search a user's photo library, adjust system preferences and more.
  • Universal Clipboard allows users to copy content from an app on one Apple device and paste it into?another app on a different Apple device.

MacOS Sierra requires a 2009 iMac, 2009 MacBook, 2010 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or Mac Pro.


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    Not seeing it on the Canadian App Store yet...

    C'MON, me wants!!! :)
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    Not released here in California.
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    I am hoping 1pm EST
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    As always, if you're concerned about incompatibility, hold off for a few days to see if any issues pop up. 
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    mwhite said:
    Not released here in California.
    If you manually search for it in the App Store, it appears with a release date showing 9/20/16.  If you click on the El Capitan link, it says no longer available.
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    Wasn't the Apple File System supposed to only be available in the beta, for testing, and not really deployed until next year? It's not in this release already, is it?
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    I got Safari 10.0 for El Capitan, still no Sierra :(
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    It's there, manually search "macos sierra" in the Mac App Store. It's live.
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    I have a Safari 10 update, but no macOS Sierra. I guess everything in time...
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    Did the manual search, found it! Downloading, 15 mins!!!
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    As always, if you're concerned about incompatibility, hold off for a few days to see if any issues pop up. 
    Or install it on an external drive and test it out before upgrading your main drive.  macOS Sierra actually fixes a problem with Epson's scanning software for the V300 Photo scanner (version 3.55A), and any other scanner using that version.  There were no issues using it with Yosemite, but an annoying bug was introduced with El Capitan.  Clicking on Preview or Scan did nothing until you moved the mouse.  You had to do that with every scan, every page.  Testing it out with the final candidate version of macOS Sierra confirmed the problem has finally been fixed.  Also, the last version of iPhoto still works perfectly with macOS Sierra, for those that prefer not to use Photos for OS X.
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,074member
    mwhite said:
    Not released here in California.
    But you already have the real thing! (The Sierras)
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    Available in Sweden!! Downloading as we speak! 33 minutes and counting!
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    Safari 10, Numbers, Evernote, TextWrangler and Twitter installed so far.
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    Cue the random complaints in tech blogs about various downloading/installing/operating problems on Day 1....

    Apple Is Doomed.™
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    As always, if you're concerned about incompatibility, hold off for a few days to see if any issues pop up. 
    To hell with that...just take the plunge and see what pops up. Thats why Apple created Time Machine backups!
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    Did the manual search, found it! Downloading, 15 mins!!!
    Same here...just do a search for macOS Sierra and it should pop up. Downloaded in about 7 minutes. 
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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,839member
    As usual, I appreciate the hard work of the Bothans, whose tireless sacrifice will allow me to load Sierra in 48 hours or so.
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    Downloading it now in the real Sierra, no not the US but in Spain
    JanNLLinz Hendersonhexclock
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    JanNLJanNL Posts: 326member
    Click above, 2nd paragraph under the MacBook: "The macOS Sierra update has also introduced..."
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