Inside macOS Sierra: Siri on the desktop



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    I should clarify my aforesaid opinion... I use Siri a lot on iOS 10 and have been doing likewise on MacOS Sierra while beta testing. I'm so used to asking Siri to do something for me, I find it more than distracting to have to manually activate Siri via the keyboard when I switch to the desktop computer.
    Agreed.  I have to think Hey Siri will be an update in the near future.  Heck my Mac Plus could answer to "Computer, what time is it?" if that option was turned on. Sirri just needs to be added to Accessibility Options.
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    Mr. Pete™Mr. Pete™ Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I love SIRI! She's coming along well though like everyone above I have had more than a few bad experiences especially in the car when she screws up instructions for the GPS ( when you least want it to) and the remember she needs WiFi lol ~ also I have been trying to get her to stop misunderstanding one specific Contact and calling up the wrong number even after I deleted that persons similar sounding name out of my contacts she still remembers it and continues to drive me nuts! That's an iPhone issue ~ so far so good on the Macs… at least if there's a problem I won't be in my car In reply to JELLYGOOP above ~ Check the story of the AMAZON Device that's always listening and got it's owner busted - serious privacy issue there On a related note ~ for all the people who want SIRI to respond to "Hey SIRI" on your MAC I for one DO NOT — I keep accidentally activating SIRI on my phone when I'm trying to get her to show up on my Mac and figure it's better to learn a key command or invoke SIRI with a click - particularly on machines I use in my Sound Studio
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