Apple Pay expands to 33 additional U.S. banks and credit unions

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Coinciding with Tuesday's release of macOS Sierra, and the advent of Apple Pay for the web, Apple updated its running list of supporting U.S. financial institutions to reflect the addition of 33 new banks and credit unions.

Now a regular occurrence, Apple's latest batch of Apple Pay additions comes two weeks after the company announced a U.S. provider expansion of 27 banks and credit unions.

The following 33 card providers have been appended to Apple's Apple Pay support webpage:

  • Advantis Credit Union
  • Bank Iowa
  • Bank of the James
  • Basile State Bank
  • BloomBank
  • Cedar Point Federal Credit Union
  • Cincinnati Ohio Police Federal Credit Union
  • Citizens & Northern Bank
  • Citizens Commerce National Bank
  • Common Wealth Bank and Trust
  • Credit Union of Ohio
  • Entrust Financial Credit Union
  • F&M Trust
  • First Federal Savings Bank
  • First Service Credit Union
  • GenFed Financial Credit Union
  • Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union
  • Katahdin Trust Company
  • Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union
  • Lake Area Bank
  • Libertyville Savings Bank
  • Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union
  • National Bank and Trust
  • Savings Institute Bank and Trust Co.
  • Security First Credit Union
  • Shamrock Bank
  • South Carolina Federal Credit Union
  • The Farmers and Merchant Bank
  • The Northumberland National Bank
  • TNConnect Credit Union
  • TrueCore Federal Credit Union
  • University Of Iowa Community Credit Union
  • Westfield Bank

Support rolls out alongside the launch of macOS 10.12 Sierra, which includes support for web-based Apple Pay transactions. With Apple Pay for the web, shoppers can pay for goods sold through nearly 300,000 participating websites, including 1-800-Flowers, Gilt, Instacart, Lululemon, and Warby Parker.

Apple's payments arm has been unusually busy over the past few months. In August, Canadian vending machines integrated Apple Pay support, as did popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A.

Last month also saw the rollout of two new providers in Hong Kong and three banking services in the UK.

Apple Pay launched in the U.S. in 2014 and has since been offered in Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the U.K. Looking ahead, Apple plans to introduce the payments product to customers in Japan and Russia later this year. Japanese users will gain enhanced support for the FeliCa touchless standard in October thanks to special technology built into iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.


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    FINALLY my bank supports Apple Pay. I have been complaining to them for a year now, they keep telling me it will be 3 more months. Then another 3 months. Last time, I told them they don't support Apple Pay within 3 months, I'm moving to the bank right next door that DOES support Apple Pay. Guess what? They got it up and running with only 1 week left before my deadline.
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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    I'm surprised some people still don't know what Apple Pay is.

    I wonder if Apple should air some Apple Pay commercials?
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    Now that the number of remaining banks in the US not in Apple pay is so small and the number of compatible phones growing quick, I think they'll do an ad for the holiday season.
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    People see me using it and are interested, but say they can't use it where they shop. Hope Apple puts as much emphasis on getting it into stores as they are banks. 
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    There was a new person at the shop in Tampa where we buy our olive oil and vinegar. They have a contactless terminal, so I asked if she knew if Apple Pay works there. Of course, she didn't, so I said, "Let's try it!" It worked, to her amazement. But she had never heard of is, much less its superior security features.

    Same goes for some of the other small businesses which we frequent: our doctor's clinic where we buy our vitamins, and our healthfoods store.

    So, whenever I see that logo on the card terminal, I try Apple Pay with it.
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    We need more businesses to accept Apple Pay, not just banks. It's improving and it needs to move faster. 
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    ApplePay is now available in Giant Food Supermarkets in Pennsylvania. I used it and the cashier was amazed at how fast the transaction took.
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    And in the case of Wells Fargo you're signed up for Apple Pay even if you have a Samsung Galaxy
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    We need more businesses to accept Apple Pay, not just banks. It's improving and it needs to move faster. 
    Apple can get banks hooked up on the backend, but they can't help a million retailers decide to get with the program and upgrade their POS terminals (POSTs) to modern hardware with NFC readers. that's up to the business owner, and as a customer that's where I come in. 
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    When apple pay accessible in Slovenia? Or otherv europe,
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    We need more businesses to accept Apple Pay, not just banks. It's improving and it needs to move faster. 
    Definitely.  I love Apple Pay - just wish more merchants accepted it.  The number is growing, just not fast enough IMO.  Can't wait til I can use it for all my purchases
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