Apple, Silicon Valley raised millions to fund Hillary Clinton platform backing tech's positions on



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    spice-boy said:
    spice-boy said:
    Bring jobs back (from where?)
    And you say his thoughts are underdeveloped?
    stop companies from leaving by "threatening" them with import duties
    Yeah, they’re called tariffs. Every sane country has them.
    'trickle down economics”
    Thanks for the leftist dialectic. It’s a great way to pick out people who have no idea what they’re talking about.
    decimated the middle class more than any other single government policy
    lol, the Federal Reserve’s demands to decouple currency from the money that backed it would disagree. The cloth strips in your pocket aren’t money.
    Our future does not lay with 20th century manufacturing jobs
    No one said it did.
    but hi tech
    So 21st century manufacturing jobs.
    solar and other alternative energies
    Nothing beats nuclear. Solar kills people in the winter.
    and vastly improving our education system.
    Which is why he’s going to force universities to take the responsibility for student loans.

    Wow, I will not say which if any political party you associate with but I will say you rather insults commenters here than make your point with (researched) facts or alternative ideas. It is cheap and easy to insult people, imply they are stupid than actual say something positive because another bully as yourself will dump on you and pick comments out of context to ridicule. You sir are a real downer and add nothing but hate and resentment
    I know right, insults can only be given to people you oppose. Insults at your agenda just really suck. 

    Tallest skil: I love you man #nohomo .. you bring all those points across so eloquently, it's making leftists heads spin. I hope they have Obamacare
    tallest skilgtr
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    tmaytmay Posts: 3,833member
    tmay said:
    Well, even Fox knows the difference; I'll let them explain it to you.
    And still they explain nothing, as they give no standard for ‘editorial rigor’ (they have none). Ah, well.
    Ah, I thought you were a Fox guy, and I delivered that one just for you.

    I saw this one that I liked better that Fox's explanation:;

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    spice-boy said:
    …you rather insults commenters here than make your point with (researched) facts or alternative ideas.
    Note: insults only appear when facts are being presented. The sum total of freely available knowledge is at your (third person plural) fingertips, so there’s no excuse for not knowing the truth about a given topic. I have every reason in the world to be antsy when someone lies, particularly about political matters from taxation to genocide.
    …add nothing but hate…
    While I reject the scope of the statement, I don’t reject the tone. We NEED hate. How else do you fix something that is wrong? You damn well don’t tolerate it.
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    xixoxixo Posts: 422member
    gtr said:
    It is with resounding sadness that I read this article and many of the posts that followed.

    I have learned so much recently and the world is not what I thought it was.

    America used to be such an incredible country. I thought it would always be that way. How ignorant I was.

    Unfortunately it is being destroyed by greed, stupidity and, ironically, the desire of many people to do, what they believe to be, the right thing.

    It is sad to see a country die and even sadder to see people fighting to make it happen. The irony of how this is occurring has not been lost on me.

    I never thought that good could be a bad thing, that intelligent people could act so incredibly foolish, or that attempting to help others could be so self-destructive.

    I hope Trump gets elected come November. Many of you will not understand why.

    At least with the wild card you will have a (small) chance. However, if people decide to try and fix what politicians over the decades have done to your country with yet another politician then, unfortunately, we all pretty much deserve what happen afterwards.

    America. War, and worse, is coming for you.

    And Trump will have nothing to do with it.

    I'm quite aware of how melodramatic that sounds. This statement is nothing compared to what will follow.

    Those who do not heed history are doomed to repeat it.
    agree 100%

    I figure, vote Trump now, elect Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

    But, vote HRC now, elect Ted Cruz in 2020 - ugh - that guy is the only one that would have had me voting for Clinton this year.
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