Apple opens 'Orchard' project to groom marketing talent

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Apple this week quietly announced "Orchard," a new internal project that seeks to pair up-and-coming creative minds with leaders in Apple's Marketing Communications (Marcom) team, grooming them for future job at the company.

Though the Orchard is open to outsiders, Apple has decided not to widely publicize the project beyond a dedicated teaser webpage and entries to the Jobs at Apple site. Employees have been talking about the initiative, however, as evidenced by tweets spotted by MacRumors on Wednesday.

The program is highly exclusive, as a group of only ten participants -- four art directors, four copywriters, and two strategic planners -- will be accepted to take part in the six-month mentorship program. According to Apple, the Orchard's "mission" is to gather talented creatives to "learn and grow" by interacting with professionals working at Apple's Marcom division.

Program participants will have a chance to collaborate with Apple creatives, producers, and planners on projects that in communicate Apple products and the Apple brand to consumers, one job description reads. Mediums include interactive media, film, design, retail and more.

A single block of text, embedded as an image on the Orchard's webpage, reads:

The moment is now. Throw everything you know out the window. All in. Head first. Join the Orchard. If you're lucky enough to make the cut, expect to surround yourself with like-minded souls who are as terrified and excited as you are. Be part of a hand-picked team with a plethora of talent. Kick ass together. Panic together. Grow together. Work alongside the brains of all the iconic work you love from Apple. Watch and learn. Trust your gut. Challenge our ways. Have an impact on everything you touch. Be prepared to stumble and fumble and embarrass yourself. It will be messy, and it won't be pretty at times, but if you stick together as a team, you'll build a special bond and something truly great will come out of it all. Take it from us. It's the only way. Does this whole proposal sound crazy to you? Good. We like crazy.

The text ends with an "Apply" link that leads to Apple's corporate Jobs at Apple webpage.

For potential candidates, the bar for entry is set fairly low. Apple seeks applicants with zero to three years of experience or education in the creative communications field, though a bachelor's degree in advertising, design, or marketing is preferred.


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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 1,430member
    An interesting twist for Apple, especially the verbiage.
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    Doesn't that O with an Apple logo leaf look suspiciously like the Spaceship Campus? Could it be a hint that the internship will probably take place there? I also enjoy how they took the effort to optically align it to rest of the characters by emulating the same baseline overshoots as those found in the capital O. Apple's attention to detail, especially when it comes to typography and graphic design has been improving a lot lately. I believe the turning point, besides the more than obvious introduction of the San Francisco system font, was this cool trompe l'oeil/anamorphic video they did a while back for WWDC: image
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    1st1st Posts: 316member
    excellent.  time for skunk work team to come out some really ground breaking stuff.  Best of luck and congratulations for all the lucky soul got selected for the team.  Strong leader to manage all the ego and talent is not easy cup of tea.  I would love to jump in if not because all of the limitation, including brain power... too bad.  Enjoy the ride of life time experience, lucky dogs. 
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    jpellinojpellino Posts: 611member
    This is the sort of spirit the old ATG had - glad to see it persists! Our external research site project with them was called the Orchard Research Endeavor - I'll let it slide ;-)
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