Facebook launches Slack competitor Workplace with iOS, Android & Web apps

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Facebook on Monday officially introduced Workplace, a long-in-testing collaboration tool for businesses and other organizations, aimed at challenging similar offerings from the likes of Slack.

Facebook's service includes not just chats, but custom profiles and ad-free News Feeds separate from the main Facebook site. People can also create multi-organization groups, make audio and video calls, and/or start live video broadcasts.

To keep Workplace competitive, Facebook is charging $3 per month, per user for organizations with up to 1,000 people -- and scaling that to as low as $1 per user for organizations with over 10,000 people. It's completely free for non-profits and schools.

Facebook could still face an uphill battle against Slack, which while charging $6.67 per person under its Standard plan, offers a Free tier that costs absolutely nothing within some limitations, like smaller search and file archives. Significantly, Workplace has a more restricted integration library.

Accompanying the service's Web interface are apps for iOS and Android. These offer many of the same features as the Web interface in a format similar to the core Facebook mobile apps.


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    I'd say since the strongest reasons for using Facebook and WhatsApp today, that i hear from, are that you simply can't avoid them, and knowing the way Facebook is going about business – my advise is to keep a healthy distance from everything else Facebook is trying to push to the market. 
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    Thank goodness I have no use for Facebook, Slack or any of these other "must use" apps people feel pressured to use for work. What is wrong with the world today?
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    hmmfehmmfe Posts: 79member
    I have never used Facebook and likely never will.  But, I use Slack daily not because I feel any pressure rather because it makes my daily work easier.
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,285member
    So glad I own Facebook stock. With over a billion users and a business model that just keeps improving and expanding, this company will continue on a winning track.
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    corbeyluvcorbeyluv Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I just watched a few of the videos on the site... It's like Facebook but, wait, it's just Facebook. Seriously, there is really nothing here you can't already do with private groups, it just keeps your work communications separate from personal, but it doesn't really do much for organizing and tracking, the other things we need to do in a company... I've used Basecamp, Trello and tested others like Slack an many of the others, I was briefly excited by this one but after the video, naaaah... It does not solve any of the problems I'm looking for solutions to. Waste of time...
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