Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes design of Apple's Mac Pro



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    You cannot patent cylinders (rounded corners and rectangular body). /s
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    Hackintosh here I come.

    So you'd spend more for less, and break the end-user license agreement that you "sign" when you install macOS? Not to mention giving your money to Samsung? Are you on an anti-Apple mission without being blind to the advantages of Apple's software?
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    sennensennen Posts: 1,465member
    Hackintosh here I come.
    You'd be better off getting a second-hand Mac Pro. For an extra work station we picked up a base model almost a year ago for only 60% of the new/retail price.
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    I think The next step (no pun intended) is to hire somebody who looks like Jonathan Ive to talk about the products. Maybe this guy?

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    Well that's overpriced for crappy hardware.  No mention of the GPU?
    Can you make the blue light flash?   That would be so kewl!
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    Strap a digital alarm clock to it and run. 
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    Aren't detonation/pyrogenic receptacles, used by SWAT, cylindrical? Just asking....
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    bring it to your next BBQ
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    we'll never go cold
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    lame company
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    A company so evil it cannot be killed by conventional means.

    bring it to your next BBQ

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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    There seems to be a smoke related theme. Perhaps their design department needs to lay off the cigarettes.  :D

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    Even Mac fans have been dissing the Pro for having been abandoned by Apple. What does Samsung do? Copy it! I don't know whether to pat them on the back for giving the Pro a vote of confidence, or kick them in the balls for stealing it. 
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    idrey said:
    wreighven said:
    At what point do Samsung fans finally say "damn?"
    Apple didn't invent the cylinder /s
    Dude. Come on. At least be honest with yourself. There are sooo many good industrial designers out there that could give you an original design. Samsung can do better and you should expect better
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    spice-boy said:
    That blue light is so Sammy, thanks for the laugh guys.....
    Maybe that's what the 3AA batteries are for. The specs did say the batteries are included. I don't think it has a remote.
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    Well that's overpriced for crappy hardware.  No mention of the GPU?
    Can you make the blue light flash?   That would be so kewl!
    Actually, make it red and revolve. Then when it gets too hot a siren can sound.
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    bdkennedy said:
    Well, hate to say it, but I think Samsung's is a nicer design. I like the high level speaker system on top.
    Seriously? A speaker built on top of the computer. The vibration must does wonders to its insides.  :s
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    A company so evil it cannot be killed by conventional means.

    Kill it with FIRE!  

    (too soon??)
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    DCJ0001 said:
    "Storage includes a 256GB SSD with up to 2TB of hard drive storage"

    Hard drive storage?

    That's a good way to slow down what could have been a fast computer.
    If I were buying a $2000 computer I would want 512gb SSD and 2tb of rotating storage.  With the Apple I would be satisified connecting a usb 3.0 external HD.  
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    I think this thing is ugly as sin, but at the same time is this Samesung pushing the cylinder or is it Harman Kardon? I'm thinking of the Soundsticks and the iSub specifically.
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