Workers at Australian Apple store accused of stealing, sharing photos of female shoppers & staff



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    I think Oz is pretty much like any other place, with all kinds of people.

    For example, Aussie cricketers are/ were some of the most aggressive players. On the other hand, almost all the regular joes who come on a show like, say Masterchef Australia, seem like very nice people.

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    entropysentropys Posts: 1,617member
    macseeker said:

    The workers additionally took over 100 "close-up and explicit" photos on their own, and shared all of the images with other shops in the state of Queensland, the Courier-Mail said on Wednesday. Victims were ranked on a scale of 1 to 10.

    Editors of AppleInsider;

    If you supply a link to a news article, please make sure the article is in the clear.  I don't wish to pay for reading the article.

    If such article is behind a paywall, attach a screenshot of the article.  f you can't, don't post a link.  You're doing a disservice to your readers.
    Just for you mate (I don't have a sub. just googled the text):

    Apple Carindale store in sick pic sharing scandal

    EXCLUSIVE Rhian Deutrom, The Courier-Mail
    October 13, 2016 12:00am
    Subscriber only

    STAFF at one of Apple’s busiest Queensland stores have been caught stealing personal photos from clients’ phones and taking pictures of customers and female staff to rank their bodies in a disturbing photo-sharing ring.

    In the biggest scandal to hit the technology giant in Australia, The Courier-Mail can reveal that more than 100 close-up and explicit photos were taken of female staff and customers without their knowledge and photographs were also lifted from some Apple customers’ phones.

    The issue was first flagged in the Carindale Apple store in Brisbane this month after a staff ­member noticed a technician ­looking through a customer’s phone in the repair room. 

    The victims’ pictures were then shared with employees at other Queensland stores to receive a ranking out of 10.

    The issue was first flagged in the Carindale Apple store in Brisbane this month after a staff ­member noticed a technician ­looking through a customer’s phone in the repair room.

    It is understood four male staff members at the Carindale store have been sacked over the photo scandal, with the company forced to fly in an overseas HR executive to manage the fallout.

    One Apple staff member told The Courier-Mail they were concerned the “disgusting” practice was occurring at other Queensland stores and, potentially, at a Sydney store.

    “They’ve been taking pictures of them (customers) in store, taking pics off their phones and taking pictures of female staff members,” the staff member said.

    “One person would take a photo and add it to the chat and others would give the person or their butt or their boobs a rating out of 10 and they would add their own side commentary.

    “Everyone feels uncomfortable and the female staff don’t know how to feel because the leadership won’t tell staff who is involved.”

    It is understood the Apple leadership team has refused to answer staff members’ questions and has not informed customers of the privacy breach.

    “Denying the girls the right to know what has gone on is hiding the guys away from the full brunt of the consequences,” the staff member said.

    “They were fired, but what about the people they did it to … what about the customers?”

    A statement from Apple confirmed the Carindale store was being investigated.

    “Apple believe in treating everyone equally and with respect, and we do not ­tolerate behaviour that goes against our values,” the statement read.

    “We are investigating a ­violation of Apple’s business conduct policy at our store in Carindale, where several employees have already been terminated as a result of our findings.”

    Apple did not respond to detailed questions on the content and extent of the photo-sharing ring.

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    fracfrac Posts: 480member
    Don't know why folk are hastily posting their behavioral generalizations ré Oz. Every country and race on earth has statistical outlier low life types who exhibit exactly the same sociopathic problems....and every nation's prisons prove that. I certainly wouldn't like to generalize so cavalierly - I see the same types wherever I go. 
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 1,869member
    One bad Apple ruins whole basket of Apples if not taken out in timely manner. In general this has nothing to do with Australians. I heard from few of my friends here in USA who often travel world that people in New-zealand and Australia are one of the nicest. but, there is always example who buck the trend to create bad impression for the rest..
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    Thank you entropys.
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    This story sounds a bit familiar ... from Wikipedia

    A short time later, he created a different program he initially called Facemash that let students select the best looking person from a choice of photos. According to Zuckerberg's roommate at the time, Arie Hasit, "he built the site for fun". Hasit explains:

    We had books called Face Books, which included the names and pictures of everyone who lived in the student dorms. At first, he built a site and placed two pictures, or pictures of two males and two females. Visitors to the site had to choose who was "hotter" and according to the votes there would be a ranking.[29]

    The site went up over a weekend; but by Monday morning, the college shut it down because its popularity had overwhelmed one of Harvard's network switches and prevented students from accessing the Internet. In addition, many students complained that their photos were being used without permission. Zuckerberg apologized publicly, and the student paper ran articles stating that his site was "completely improper."

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    acemannwacemannw Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I used to work at a large Wireless Carrier here in the US, the looking through customer's phones is a pretty common thing.  It always made me feel uneasy but a lot of my coworkers got a real kick out of it.  It was discouraged by management but no one got fired for it. 
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    wood1208 said:
    Unfortunately, not ethical or right but no law can prohibit such act(Unless such pictures are misused).. . 2nd, Google already knows more about you than you, your spouse and your children.So,privacy as we like doesn't exists any more.
    Actually yes laws can. And have. For example, in the US there are areas where taking a photo of someone who is standing in their yard, versus on a public sidewalk, is illegal. Double if you have to get on a ladder or such to see into the yard, or use something like a drone. 

    And Apple stores are not public sidewalks so they can ban photography in the stores in pretty much everywhere. Double when its the staff who are supposed to be working at the time. So if nothing else, they can get dinged for that and in most areas it's a viable firing offense and allows for denying unemployment (theft of company time)

    So we will see what happens. 
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