Samsung extends $100 in extra credit to US owners of fire-prone Galaxy Note 7



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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    keifer123 said:
    sog35 said:
    That's not enough for all the crap they had to go through.

    And they only get the $100 if they choose another Samsung phone? 

    Samsung should be giving each Note7 owner a full refund PLUS a free Samsung phone of their choice.

    $100 is not enough for:

    1. Stress of owning a phone that is a potential fire hazard
    2. Going through the confusion of the first unofficial recall
    3. Calling the carrier, calling Samsung, calling carrier again
    4. Wasting time going to the retail store, or shipping back to Samsung
    5. Receiving new phone, but having to go through the whole setup again
    6. More stress that the 'safe' phone isn't safe
    7. Going through step 1-4 all over again
    8. Not having a phone for weeks

    But what do I know? I never bought a Samsung POS. Maybe their customers expect this type of crap service.

    Since you never bought anything they made, you shouldn't be quick to judge their product plus you don't the right to tell Samsung what they should do. 

    I guess you are in the right place to bash Samsung product, just like everyone else here... Pro Apple.

    When Apple had its own misfortune, what did you guys do? Just closed your eyes, sucked it up and paid for it.  I don't remember Apple reimbursing nor gave out credit to its users.
    Ummm what "misfortunes"??
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