Apple releases iOS 10.0.3, fixing Verizon LTE issues on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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Owners of Apple's latest and greatest iPhone received a software update on Monday, with version 10.0.3 exclusive to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, addressing cellular connectivity problems specific to those models.

iOS 10.0.3 is now available to install either via Software Update in the iPhone's Settings app, or when connected to iTunes on a Mac or PC. It is identified as build 14A551.

After the iPhone 7 series debuted last month, some users on the Verizon network in the U.S. began to experience problems with connectivity. Subscribers found that LTE connections would randomly drop out, reverting to slower 3G or even 2G data.

Some AT&T customers also said they were experiencing similar difficulties with the iPhone 7 lineup, though reports were not as prevalent as with Verizon customers.

Monday's iOS 10.0.3 promises to address those problems.

Apple is still at work on a forthcoming iOS 10.1 update that will enable portrait mode photos for users of the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus. It's expected that iOS 10.1 will arrive later this month.


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    anomeanome Posts: 1,526member

    Wonder if this issue had anything to do with my sudden loss of LTE data yesterday. Seemed to be OK once the phone dropped back to 3G.

    Of course, it's hard to tell when it's the phone or Telstra that's the problem. Although my iPad didn't seem to have any problems.

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    3:18pm: Just attempted to update my iPhone 7 on AT&T. In the same manner as when iOS 10 was released to the general public within the first hour, this update locked my phone onto the "connect to iTunes" screen and said I had no choice but to restore it. Plugged it into my computer and it iTunes, the window stated it would attempt to install 10.0.3 but it that was not successful, I'd have to restore it to factory settings...and lose everything. I'll update this post later. 3:28pm: Tethering my phone to laptop and iTunes and downloading 10.0.3 worked for some reason. At least I did not lose anything. Curious as to why these 'bricks' or 'blocks' or incomplete downloads or however they are properly termed happen...
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    davendaven Posts: 681member
    I'll bet that Samsung wishes it could fix their Galaxy Fire 7 phone with a software update.
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    Installed the 10.0.3 update this morning.  iPhone 7 hasn't dropped LTE yet... would have by now.  Hope these past 5 hours on 10.0.3 isn't a fluke.
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    I was just thinking today when this happened how it has happened before, SO glad I came here to see I wasn't the only one and there's an update! Thanks!
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    I hate this. I have AT&T and the iPhone 7plus and this was such a big problem for me. Hopefully this update will actually fix it.
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    I'm in Hong Kong and 10.0.3 is a small fix.  It just downgrades connection to 3G which is what i've been doing as a work around by manually turning off LTE.  So now my 4G/LTE phone is now a 3G phone.  What gives?
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    Can people confirm that the iPhone 7 Plus is now working good on Verizon Wireless? I have been on the fence waiting for them to fix the problems.
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