Apple App Store compensation changes coming to South Africa, New Zealand

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As a result of currency exchange rate fluctuations and tax law changes, developers in South Africa and New Zealand have received emails from Apple informing them that renumeration for sales will be changing in the next 72 hours.

New Zealand app prices aren't changing as a result of a new goods and services tax in the country -- but what developers will garner will drop. The law kicked in on Oct. 1, forcing the change.

Foreign exchange rates are the main reason for the changes in South Africa. According to Apple, the changes affect app purchases, but exclude subscriptions.

Apple updates international App Store pricing periodically not only to comply with new tax legislation, but also in an effort to minimize what the company calls "foreign exchange headwinds" in quarterly earnings reports. Monday's change reports will affect both the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.


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    A little misleading by Apple. NZ has had GST (a national sales tax) since 1986. Government has recently been moving on services being supplied in NZ from companies in other countries without local taxes being applied (eg Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on), to a model proposed in the UK where tax is payable in the consumed country. Since the $$$ are concentrated with the large companies... they tend to cooperate with national tax authorities (Microsoft also started notifying as well for some of their supplied services)
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    Renumeration isn't a word
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    Renumeration should be remuneration
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