Apple TV, iPad utilized in conjunction for patient care at new San Diego hospital

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Apple device management tool developer JAMF and UC San Diego Health are collaborating to roll out a patient care and information system utilizing the Apple TV, an iPad, and a large flat-screen television in a all 245 rooms of the future Jacobs Medical Center.

The combination of devices will be used to securely?access personal medical information and educational materials via the?MyChart Bedside app, Personalize TV?and room settings using the Crestron app, select and?view various entertainment options, and stay connected to loved ones with FaceTime and other similar applications.

JAMF Pro, previously called the Casper Suite, is used to automatically wipe patient data from each iPad immediately following a patient's discharge and to prepare the iPad for the next patient. JAMF Pro communicates with Epic, the electronic health record system in place at UC San Diego Health, to coordinate iPad management with patient records, ensuring that security is maintained while the data is both at rest and in motion in accordance with the assorted Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

UC San Diego Health is a prime example of a hospital leveraging mobile devices to transform what is possible in healthcare," said JAMF CEO Dean Hager. "By combining the power of Apple, innovative healthcare apps and a robust management solution, hospitals can deliver the safe and secure patient experience we all deserve."

The automation provided by JAMF allowed UC San Diego Health to keep the budget down, and not require additional personnel to manage the program, beyond existing IT staff.

The Jacobs Medical Center will have 36 intensive care rooms, 108 private rooms for cancer patients, 32 private post-partum rooms, and 52 Level III neonatal intensive care rooms for critically ill newborns and families. Construction on the 10-story, 509,500-square-foot building began in January 2012, and is scheduled for completion?in late 2016, with the iPad and Apple TV initiative in place and running.

JAMF has been providing Apple-centric management solutions since 2002, and supports seven of the top 10 tech companies including IBM, 15 of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies, and over 4000 schools across the world.


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