Official Apple images show new MacBook Pro with OLED 'Magic Toolbar,' Touch ID, new speaker design



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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    As long as the Mac line is based on industry standard, Intel based hardware to power their machines, it will fail to distinguish itself from the Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc.  consortium.
    ... Instead, they will have to rely on their infrastructure and software to justify their price premium.

    As a retired IT software engineer I tend to judge products with a simple question, which is the same question that Jobs asked:   How will it make things better?
    ... Adding a touch bar is nice, but it won't answer that question for me.
    until you've used it you're in no way qualified to answer that question. 

    and if you think having the same cpu as a dell makes them the same....then you don't understand macs very well. 
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member

    How will the disabled be able to use that control strip? Nothing to feel on the strip means people with decreased vision or blindness are at a disadvantage.
    how do they use an ipad? 

    i swear ear some of you have to really work hard to naysay. 
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    DanielSSuttonDanielSSutton Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    So as a guest here I will be polite. I am a Microsoft fan; but I don't discount the Apple. Right now I am writing on my iphone, which is paired to my surface Pro 4. I've had Mac Book Pro's but dual booted them to Windows. Apple have made some great devices, but they have lost something. Not steve. IOS 10 is lovely to use but for all its frustrations win10 mobile is more interesting. I want to see Apple produce something great, but its too conservative these days. Take a risk.
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