See which 3rd-party apps will support Apple's new MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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Some developers have been treated to a sneak-peek at the MacBook Pro Touch Bar already, with Pixelmator Labs, Serif, Blackmagic Design, and others promising updates before the end of the year for their products.

Besides just Apple applications like iTunes, Photos, and Final Cut Pro supporting the new input device, wide third-party developer support for the Touch Bar is expected soon.

At the event, Adobe demonstrated integration of the Touch Bar into Photoshop. Additionally, Algoriddim demonstrated Djay in conjunction with the Touch Bar in a live performance during the event.

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller also mentioned that Pixelmator Labs was implementing the device in its Pixelmator image editing software. Serif is utilizing it in an update soon for Affinity Designer.

Sketch will be bringing support in its next update as well. Blackmagic Design has promised support as well.

Apple has published developer guidelines for the toolbar as well. The company is requiring that developers not limit functionality to the toolbar alone, as well as mandating that buttons resemble the keyboard that it perches above.


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    igorskyigorsky Posts: 422member
    The Touch Bar has Ableton Live written all over it.
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    Why no mention of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, which were specially called out for their long-term work on this new hardware and software feature and impending update to support it?

    Such an obvious omission must have an ulterior motive...
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