will.i.am, Kendall Jenner & Naomi Campbell launch Buttons wireless earbuds at Apple stores



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    Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell ? Beyond ridiculous. Jenner is a punk kid with a good business and Campbell is a way past her prime loser model who is a violent psychopath with a few convictions. It's hard to believe Apple would stoop so low. Its even harder to believe the names of those two useless lumps of matter would have enough sway to get people to buy this product.
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    birko said:
    mac_128 said:
    What point is buying any BT headphones without the W1 chip at this point? Especially if it's the same price or more than the yet to materialize AirPods, Beats X or PowerBeats3 (which doesn't deliver until Nov. 14-21), or the Beats Solo3. 

    And it has a micro USB charging cable, which is even more inconvenient for an iPhone 7 customer, like the Solo3, and PowerBeats3 are also despite having a W1 chip.

    This is hardly a smooth transition away from the headphone jack.
    the micro USB is to charge the battery on the wireless earbuds - other end is a normal USB A plug. 
    That's not my point. Anybody who is using it with the iPhone 7 now has to carry yet another cable or dongle with them to charge the headphones (equipped with the W1 chip designed to work with Apple products), as Apple uses Lightning. So it's an added inconvenience making the ONLY two W1 chipped headphones Apple sells not an optimal choice for replacing the old wired headphones which now require the use of an adapter with the iPhone 7.

    But since you brought it up -- the USB-A plug is also not compatible with the new MacBook, or MacBook Pro.
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    It would be nicer if it used inductive or a lightning port for charging. If we're going to be all luxurious and stuff I don't want to fuss around with outdated usb cables. Also I don't actually see "luxury" in this item, the large round metal discs are unseemly and the control section looks a bit too plasticky. This part should be all metal instead.
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    $229, wow. 
    But how do they sound? 
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