Apple relaunches online sales of refurbished iPhones [u]



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    I think this is just a way to fill in iPhone sales that are sagging and try to keep marketshare. It's not like Apple did not know there was money in the used iPhone market. It's an act of desperation if you ask me.
    What a fucking pathetic troll post. I guess Apple is acting out of "desperation" in ALL of its other product line, and has been forever, since the refurb store for all its Mac and iPad products has been online? Right. 
    Boy are you jumping to conclusions!

    But on the other hand we do agree that iPhone sales and their customers ain't what they used to be.

    I love fucking pathetic trolls AND their posts!
    Did you quote the wrong post? Your response doesn't really seem to match the quoted text. 

    Back on topic, Apple selling refurbished phones seems like a good idea. If I were in the market I would likely go to them before purchasing through Gazelle or something similar. And as someone above already mentioned, maybe they're moving excess inventory or possibly these are phones turned in on iPhone Upgrade Program. 
    Or....because iPhone sales have fallen substantially from previous quarters and the "generic" way Apple reports sales results--plain ol' iPhone sales--if they can add-in sales of the refurbed ones; those numbers won't look as blight as they actually are.

    Funny how making money selling refurbed iPhones seemed so unattractive before but now those dollars seems valuable.

    The selling of rehabbed iPhones will not create any new customer demand for them, the choices for purchasing one have always been there. Therefore overall demand for iPhones is still spiraling downward.
    You are just going to keep gong with this.

    Apple has sold refurbished iPhones in the past so the original point about them being desperate for market share and down sales doesn't make sense. So to your logic they have been desperate since 2008 because that was the first time the decided to do this. 

     Give the doom and gloom sales narrative a break. Also did you actually take notice to the sizes of the iPhones they are selling refurbished  ?  The discontinued 16gb and 64gb models? Doesn't take genius level intellect to figure out they would want to get rid of discontinued models. I know it doesn't fit with you're BS comments, but it makes sense. 
    sides, apple has never been after marketshare, AND since the iPhone is like the Mercedes Benz or Bentley of the smartphone market it doesnt need to have humongous sales to have great profit thats why even when they sell less they still make a LOT more money than other smartphone makers, hardware, software and services only  aggregate more value to the ios platform
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